Ain't That a Kick in the Head?

You guys, sometimes I hate myself...for concocting such gosh awful workouts that leave my poor lil' leggies sore for dayssssssss. I guess I'm just sadistic that way. ;) Also, I don't really feel like talking to you all today. Ha, just kidding. Well, kind of. Really, I just want to get straight to watching Awkward, and since I missed it when it aired, I have to watch it online...on my laptop...which I can't do while I'm typing. So you see my dilemma. ;) But really, I do love you all and appreciate you guys always stopping by to this little old space o' mine, so I'll do my best to get over my couch potato tendencies and write you all a decent post. How's this for decent, wanna hear a funny story? I didn't understand the term, "hump day" till I was about 20 or so. In other words, up until two years ago. Yep. True story. I first started hearing the term in high school when I'd listen to morning talk radio (Only because there was nothing else on. I hate talk radio. Especially of the morning variety.) on the way to school. Anyway, I started noticing that every Wednesday they'd say "happy hump day". Back then, my naive mind jumped straight to the gutter and understood happy hump day to mean something completely inappropriate. Anyway, as you can imagine, teenage me was completely appalled that they would say something so disgusting on the radio. It wasn't until I was about 20 or so that I read somewhere what "hump day" actually meant, "The middle of the work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing the proverbial hill of a tough week", according to Urban Dictionary. ;)  Anyway, yeah, that was my teenage rock (as in dumb as a rock) moment. ;) We all have 'em. Also, English is my second language. ;) Haha, I love using that excuse, much to the chagrin of any of the white people who know me because they know I speak English perfectly fine. :) It's true, though, most of my gaps in knowledge of little "sayings" like that are due to English being my second language and being raised by parents who never used those terms because English isn't their native tongue either.

white tee: aerie
blazer: h&m
boyfriend shorts: abercrombie (way old) similar I'd recommend buying a couple of sizes bigger for the perfect relaxed fit
heels: F21
hat: American Eagle similar

necklaces: F21

Anyways, I have finally acquired the PERFECT pair of boyfriend shorts! Purrrfectly baggy, in all the right places, worn in just the right amount, amazingly distressed, AND long! Also, I didn't have to pay a dime for them! Oh, wanna know how I came across such a serendipitous situation? I mentioned to my older sissy that I was in the market for some slouchy and LONG (I'm trying super hard to live up to my standard of modesty this summer) boyfriend shorts and she told me she had a pair of our little sister's shorts sittin' in her closet that she could give me. Well, loan, technically because they aren't really her shorts to give and my little sister will probably be wanting them back when she returns from her mission in Canada. ;) Anyway, my older sissy fished 'em out for me and they are now gloriously in my possession! Also! Since my little sister is a good 5-6 inches taller than me and therefore a couple sizes bigger they've got that perfect slouchy look going on without looking like men's shorts! Also! She kicked her foot through one of the "distressed" holes so often that it's just a plain old hole now, and I LOVE it! It gives them that "not trying too hard" worn in look! These will be my new summer staple! Also, I'm in love with this look. I love mixing and matching uber casual pieces, like this plain white tee, boyfriend shorts, and trucker hat, with more structured/feminine pieces like this blazer, layered necklaces, and heels! It's a fun contrast! Oh, and side note, this is the most perfect plain white tee that I have EVER own. It's soft, the v-neck is perfection, and the boyfriend fit is slouchy without being shapeless! Aerie really hit the nail on the head! PLUS, they're all buy one get one free in stores! Score! 

Much love!

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