Hello My Name is Carl

Reason #108 why I don't like summer: The Butt Burn. You all know what I'm talking about. When you get into your vehicle after it's been sitting in the sun all day, and not only does it feel like a suffocatingly hot sauna, but the seats have gotten so hot they could serve as a stove top on which you could fry yourself up some eggs, hash browns, and bacon. Which, honestly, once yo buns hit that seat they in fact turn into the sizzling aforementioned bacon! Yee. Ouch. Don't even get me started on the pain of bare leg skin on hot LEATHER seats. Kind of makes you want to sing/yell, "My, butt is on fiyahhhhhhh!" to the tune of Alicia Key's "This girl is on Fire". Reason #109? I get tired ten times faster on my runs if I run anytime after 8am due to the extreme heat. That, and ninety percent of the time I forget water, so I have to quit after only a few miles because I don't want to die of dehydration. Anyway, that's my little shpeel on Summer for the day. Also, life is good you guys. Just when I think I've reached the point of giving myself an ulcer from stressin', the Lord pulls through for me (like always, I don't know why I stress at all, if I know God is on my side. I am lame.) I am a blessed human. I'm thankful for that. Oh, and as a completely unrelated side note, the stickers for the special license plates at work smelled like baby poop yesterday. The warm liquidy green kind, too. Yick. Also, why is awesomeness a word but liquidy isn't? That don't make no sense. FYI, "that don't make no sense" is a direct quote from "Baby Mama". Yes, I have 90% of the lines in that movie memorized. I'm pretty sure I could take over Dax Shepard's role and play Carl. I would be an AWEsome Carl.

top: Old Navy 
skirt: c/o Agnes & Dora similar
sandals: ZooShoo sold out, here is the Steve Madden version
hat: h&m
purse: F21 similar
small necklace: F21
large necklace: American Eagle

I have a lot of outfit chitchat for you all today so let's just jump right into it. First, red and turquoise? My FAVORITE summer color combo! I love how they look together! Next, I bought this shirt 4 sizes too big. Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy. But I wanted a really relaxed loose fit that would look fun and slouchy and also be long enough to wear tied, like I did today. Also, two words: layered necklaces. I'm obsessed. I love layering different necklaces together, It just adds an effortless touch of chic to an outfit. Next, these sandals? I love 'em. I got them at an online shoe shop I found recently, ZooShoo. I may or may not have gone a little crazy and bought three, yes THREE, pairs of boots, and a pair of heels. I couldn't help myself, though, their shoes are CARAZY adorable and CARAZY affordable. I got, 40% off my purchase! They also carry brands like Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Chinese Laundry, etc. Which, of course, are a little pricier, but still, they gots it all. Also, I'm currently really feelin' my soft indie music playlist. I've been jammin' out to it as I type. Every time an extra good song comes on, which is pretty much EVERY single one of them, I turn it up and think, "dis ma jam!" Which then causes me to giggle because who else in the world cranks up soft INDIE music and thinks, "dis ma jam", much less JAMS out to it? Only me...probably. Anyway, you all know how I love to share my music, so here is my playlist. Listen to it, love it, jam out to it. It has been the careful work and cultivation of years of music listening so it is dang well near perfect, in my opinion. ;) 

Much love!


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