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Sooooo....I finished reading Pride & Prejudice...for the umpteenth time. I must say, it was just as captivating as the first, second, third...and hundredth time I read it. ;) Every reading of Pride & Prejudice must of course be followed by an immediate watching of the 2005 film version of the book. Yes, I realize what an immense nerd I am. Even amongst nerds I am considered an even odder sort of nerd. Anyway, I'm usually a huge fan of the 2005 film adaptation of the book, the actors, their portrayals of the roles, the MUSIC, my gosh, the music is DIVINE. Dario Marianelli is a musical genius. Anyway, this time around, I wasn't quite as captivated by the movie. The teeny little differences from the book and the fact that it moves so quickly kind of got on my nerves a smidge. The whole beauty of Pride & Prejudice is how long it takes for Lizzy and Darcy to come to terms with their love for each other. Aaaaand now I'm just straight up writing you guys an essay about Pride & Prejudice, which, actually, I was thinking this as I read it, "Man, I'd LOVE to write an essay about P&P. I know exactly what I would discuss, the points in the story I would dissect, the characters and symbols I would go over, etc. I'd love to have another go at an AP English Lit exam just for the joy of writing the essays." This is seriously a thought that I had. If that isn't enough confirmation for you all of how much of a nerd I am, more specifically an English Literature nerd, than I'm sure nothing else I can say will convince you all of it. ;) Also, I am currently hording "The Italian Job", "Flipped", and the complete Batman trilogy in my bedroom right now. I've already watched "The Italian Job", which, honestly, was only included in my DVD hording because I watched "Transformers" over the weekend (it was awesome and hilarious, albeit loooooong) and it got me hankering to see Mark Walberg, aka "Marky Mark", as a youngin'!

dress: c/o Chic Wish
shoes: Aldo's similar
hat: h&m

Now that I've probably bored you all silly with my raptures on a book that no one but myself cares a dime about, let's get onto the outfit! This dress is my "it" dress, you guys! Ya know, the kind of dress that the moment you put it on you feel instantly awesome? I've already worn it a good few times since I got it, and I will be posting two other ways to wear it in the coming weeks! When I saw it on Chic Wish's site I knew I had to have it! Not only did I fall in love with that stunning floral print, but I loved that it was purple, which, I'm very much sweet on this season! I know it's not quite "radiant orchid" but I'm crushing on any form of purple right now! Anyway, it is my belief that every girl needs, nay, deserves, an "it" dress so go check out Chic Wish's collection of dresses to get yoself one! I ordered mine in a size small and it was a touch too big 'round the waist, which consequently caused me to have to belt it which then caused it to be a tad shorter than I would've liked, as belting always does, so I'd order half a size smaller for this particular dress if I were you! Otherwise, though, Chic Wish's sizing is usually pretty accurate! Next, these shoes are SPECtacular, you guys! They're the ONE pair of shoes I managed to snag while I was in Vegas, and for a song too! I'm flippin' in love with them! They always make me feel like a dainty little ballerina when I put them on and they're so chic! Anyway, I've got my perfect "summer dress" look down pat now, thanks to these cute little items!

Much love!

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