One Day, Some Day, Today!

Hello my dears! Tis Monday again! Phooey! This weekend was rather quiet, which is kind of good actually because I'll be in Vegas this coming weekend with my sissy and when the two of us road trip it is certainly never quiet. We giggle far too much. :) Anyway, remember the art show I posted about last Tuesday? Well, it's open dates were extended and my best friend and I were able to return and shoot some looks! This was one of our favorite rooms. The floor was a giant calendar that read, "One Day, Some Day, Today", and as you can see the wall says, "Experience every day". Isn't it genius? I love it! I should take advice from the room and instead of being grumpy that Monday's exist I should experience today, regardless of it's being a Monday, and enjoy another day of life! Also, over the weekend, I re-watched "Little Black Book", ya know, the one with Britney Murphy? Anyway, the whole movie is a little cheese fest puke city, but there was actually a really good quote in it, "Life's funny that way. Once you let go of the wheel, you end up right were you were meant to be." Isn't that beautiful? I loved it. It's time for me to let go of the wheel and let Heavenly Father lead the way! Which, it's actually kind of fitting that I'm discussing this all now because just yesterday during sacrament meeting at church, on of the testimonies that was shared was all about how there are no coincidences in life and we need focus less on the hardness of life and let ourselves be lead.

top: F21
boyfriend jeans: American Eagle
booties: F21
necklace: F21
PC: RoPhotography

I'm obsessed with these booties you guys! The color, the fit, everything! Also, I'm pretty sure this outfit will be on repeat quite often. I love that it's so relaxed and that the necklace gives it a pop of "put togetherness". I was so sure that togetherness wasn't a word, but apparently it is because blogger isn't underlining it in that annoying little red squiggly line. Go figure. :) Anyway, that's all I have for you all today. I know, I'm as boring as Daisies! OH, OH! Side note, though! Our ranks are only 86 followers away from one THOUSAND! Eep! Let's get excited! Oop, oop! Thank you guys, seriously, you are all the sweetest and greatest! Let's spread the word, and I promise you all that as soon as we hit that 1,000 followers bench mark I will put together a BEYOND stellar giveaway for you all! Comment below with what you'd like best to see in a giveaway, cash, store credit, another camera giveaway, etc. Let me know, and I will arrange it for you, loves!

As always, much love!


  1. Love the background of these photos! So beautiful! And I am also jealous you are headed to Vegas! Have fun:)

  2. Love your jeans and booties! So cute!