Guys, I've been listening to Ricky Martin non. stop. I love that guy. MmmmMmm, sounds of my childhood. Also, "Vuelve"? Possibly one of the best songs ever written. Ever. "Que sin ti la vida se me vaaaaaaa! Oooo, Oooo, Oooo!" Sigh, even, though, it's a song about a jerky turkey guy who breaks up with some poor girl only to want to get back together with her two seconds later, it's still swoon worthy levels of romantic. Ha, I remember when I was in elementary school all my friends were like, "Ricky Martin is soooo lame", and I was secretly like, "I love Ricky Martin. You guys don't get it, you guys are white. Man, I hate elementary school." ;) When we took these photos my best gal pal asked me if I felt like my style had changed a lot since high school. Ya know, after thinking about it, I honestly don't think it really has. I mean, I was certainly a touch more preppy in high school, and styles have changed, obviously, but other than that, my style has stayed much the same. :) I'm just as fashion obsessed as always! Fashion has just always been a passion of mine, even when, it didn't earn me any love or points on the "popularity" scale. I think I'd mentioned once before that back in elementary school I'd get teased about my style. Back then, tailored floral printed trousers, and white leather moccasins (wish I still had these) were my staple pieces. Of course, back when teeny shorts, spaghetti strap tanks, and chunky slip on sandals were the style, my tailored/structured outfits just didn't fly. How has YOUR style changed over the years?

t-shirt: F21 options
overalls: Target
necklace: F21 similar
shoes: F21
PC: Ro Photography

This was one of my favorite shoots by far, you guys. I loved this completely white class room; it's so genius! It was easily one of my favorite rooms at the art show I've been chatting with you guys about! Also, remember when I first posted about my overalls and told you guys you'd be seeing a lot more of them? I wasn't lying. ;) I wanted to go for an uber relaxed look this time so I wore my ralls the "only one strap buckled" way with an edgy graphic tee, faux leather booties, and stone pendant! Whelp, that's all I've got for you guys today, happy hump day!

Much love!