Sleepless in Salt Lake

Guys, I'm like the sleepy blogger. I always end up writing up my posts late at night when I'm struggling just to keep my lids up. It's bad. Seriously, I'm like, nodding off as I type. I'm sure I won't remember having written any of this come morning, and I'm going to be exhausted. I need to prioritize my time. Seriously. I need to make more time for sleep and other more important activities, but when I get home from work all it seems I ever want to do is waste time. Story of my life. Oh well. One of these days I'll get a full 8 hours of sleep and I'm sure it will feel heavenly. :) Tell me, what is a world with 8 hours of sleep like? Does anyone even know?

top: aerie
shorts: F21
jacket: F21 similar
booties: F21 
sunnies: F21 similar
backpack: handmade in Guatemala

Clearly, I have obsessive issues with F21. But I mean, the stuff is rull cute. That was my sad attempt at typing out "real" how I imagine a thug would pronounce it. ;) Anyway, these photos were snapped in St. George Utah when my sissy and I were on our way to Vegas. I thought the red background of the St. George are would go perfectly with my desert-y cowboyish look. :) Also? How cool is this backpack from Guatemala? Pretty dang cool, I think. Anyway, I'm like full on asleep now, so I'm signing out. 

Much love! 

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