Summer Mints

Soooo, I've been a pretty crummy blogger this week. Sorry guys. I just honestly hadn't shot anything in a couple of days so I really just didn't have anything on hand to post. I'm back now, though! Oh, and eeets that time of year againnnnnn! That time of year when my brain tells me it's time for me to reread the complete Jane Austen collection, starting with my absolute fav, Pride & Prejudice! I've already started of course, and I'm completely enthralled. I swear, that book is like my third sister. I love it that much. Should I read the other books on my reading list instead of rereading Ms. Austen's stupendous novels for the umpteenth time? Probably. Maybe. Ok, yes. But guys, my soul craves, nay, neeeeds a good dose of some Pride & Prejudice romancin' at least twice a year. At least. My sister is probably rolling her eyes as she reads this. She hates that I read Pride & Prejudice so much. She'll be happy to hear, though, that I'll be moving onto my other summer favorite, The Count of Monte Cristo, as soon as I'm done with Ms. Austen's works. It's been a while since I read that baby, and I think it's time I revisit it. I'm such a grandmother. Seriously, there's no way I'm actually 22. That's probably why I fit in as a DMV employee so well. I'm actually 82. And, actually, I was thinking this the other day, I can't wait till I'm an old lady. I know that sounds as stupid as piz, but seriously, I just think it seems so grand to reach the curtain call of your life (with a spouse of course) and look back at everything you accomplished, the kids you raised, service you gave, laughter had, lessons learned and realize that you did good with the time you were given. I don't know, I can just completely picture holding the softly wrinkled hand of whoever I end up marrying and letting out a happy sigh that we made it to a nice ripe old age. I shared these thoughts with my sister and she told me I romanticize the weirdest things. She's right. I mean, who daydreams about being an old lady for crying out loud?

sweater: F21 similar
dress: h&m similar
sneakers: h&m
purse: F21 similar
sunnies: Hot Topic

I've had this cute mint sweater for a bit now and I don't wear it nearly enough so I decided to pull it out again and give it another whirl. I forgot how much I actually looooove it! It's so soft and the mint color is perf! I love a good mint in the summer! I knew I wanted to wear it in a more fun way so I threw it over this playful periwinkle blue heart print dress that I've also had for agesssss. I love how playful and casual it ended up looking! Also, also, also....I can't remember. I was going to say something funny but now I can't think of what it might have been. Oh well. Happy weekend!

Much love!

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