The Color of Sunshine

Guys, my skin is so yellow I might as well just be a straight up banana. Instead of, "I'm blue, if I were green I would die." it's, "I'm yellow, if I were normal colored I would die." It's cool, though, yellow is a happy color, so we'll just say that my yellow skin is the color of sunshine. ;) That sounds a lot better than I'm the color of a yellow crayola crayon. ;) Anyway, how are all of your Monday's? Mine was pretty stellar, thank you very much. You all know why! Vacation! Yay! Heavens knows I was in MAJOR need of a little R&R! MmmmMmmm. Too bad today is my last day. I don't want to come back, guys! Boooo! Working is the bane of my existence. ;) Also, I already have a million and one things to do as soon as I get back. Of course. Sigh. Oh well. Anyway, this is my last post featuring the high school art show! This was the music room that was revamped with some pretty sick graffiti style wall art.

blazer: h&m
tshirt: aerie
skirt: Express similar
booties: F21
necklaces: borrowed from my sissy
PC: Ro Photography

Today's post is just going to be super boring, super short, and super lame. Sorry. Can you blame a girl, though? I mean, I'm on pause from real life at the mo and I just literally cannot think of a single interesting thing to say. Will you all forgive me? Also, sequins are cool...does that suffice in the outfit chit chat department? I hope so. :)

Much Love! 

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