The Lead Love Interest Effect

Aaaaand it's Monday once more. Bleh. What is it about Monday's anyway? I mean, why do they suck so much? I guess it's all in our mindset, but I mean, who's cheery as a buttercup about weekends ending and having to go back to the ho hum of working? Moving on, though, did you all have a cheery Father's day? I know I did, but I can't help shake the feeling that we didn't give our Dad the best Father's Day we could have, but I mean, he did spend the day watching futbol, which in his book is a good way to spend a day, so maybe I shouldn't feel too badly. Speaking of, the World Cup is officially on! I always think my house is a weirdly fun place during the World Cup. It's just so fun to see how into each of the matches my family gets! Which, by the way, Costa Rica beat Uruguay in the biggest upset of the Cup so far! Eek! I'm so happy about it! Seeing as Guatemala didn't make it (don't think they ever have, actually) I've got to root for my fellow Central American countries! I'm hoping they somehow miraculously make it all the way to the final match, but deep down I know they don't have a chance in snot! Anyway, want to know how I spent my weekend, other than celebrating my pops and talking about futbol? I watched The Holiday. Twice. Ya know, the adorable heart touching movie starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? I just love it. Also, it's crazy how casting a guy as the lead love interest somehow makes him instantly attractive. I'm thinking Jude Law specifically here. I never really got the attraction with him to be honest. In fact, I kind of think he's rather unattractive, but in The Holiday, as the lead male role? I'm swooooooning. Call it the Lead-Love-Interest-Effect. Also? England. I must go. It's been one of my deepest wishes since I was 15. Sigh. Someone take me.

dress: h&m similar
leather jacket: Nordstrom
necklace: F21 similar
sunnies: Aldo's

These are a pair of the new sunnies I picked up in Vegas and, guys, I love them! So much. They're so 50s chic! Also? I picked up this maxi at h&m during the Christmas season and I haven't worn it nearly enough so I broke it out again! I'm so glad I did, there's nothing more perfect than a maxi in the summer! Especially in a fun bright color! Also, I know it's cheesy, but I love pairing pink and red so I finished up the look with this pink stone pendant. Which, funny story, whenever I wear my cheepo Forever 21 jewelry, whether it's my necklaces or rings, I'm always stunned by how many people compliment them and try to guess at what kind of stone they might be. Needless to say, they're always stunned when I tell them they're not actually made of any sort of real stone and that I got 'em for like 3 bucks. Heehee. ;) Oh, Forever 21, how I love thee! ;) Also, after watching The Holiday I sort of wish my future babies would speak English with a British accent! There's nothing cuter than a baby with a British accent, well, besides a Spanish speaking baby. Anyway, I'm done rambling. :)

Much love!

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