Tis Monday...again...The weeks move by way too quickly and yet all too slowly all at once. It's crazy. I'm definitely feeling the time crunch on a few things I've got going on right now. I'm trying my hardest to stay faithfully peaceful and hopeful that all will work out but sometimes I still get a little stressed. I was definitely feeling that this weekend. If I'm a little boring and/or absent in the weeks to come it'll be just because of the amount of stuff I have on my plate so my apologies. Anyway, on to cheerier subjects! I saw Maleficent over the weekend with the sibs an the verdict is...it sucked. It was a far cry from the awesome version I grew up with as a kid. I won't go into details, as I don't want to spoil it for you all, but I wasn't happy with what they did with the story. I will definitely be sticking to my VHS version of "Sleeping Beauty". Also, guys, my mouth tasted heaven yesterday. No joke. My Sunday School teacher made us some Cookies & Cream Truffles and, guys, they were the most delicious thing my mouth has ever tasted. I seriously have not stopped thinking about them since I ate one. I have issues. All the same, I'm planning on kidnapping my Sunday School teacher and holding her hostage until she's made me enough truffles to last a lifetime. My sister found the recipe on Pinterest here, so we could technically just make our own, but really, why go through all that effort when we can just stick with my plan A and keep my Sunday School teacher as our dessert slave? ;) Anyway, since you guys don't have any dessert slaves to kidnap you should all check out the recipe and try it out. Let me know if it was easy. ;) Yep, I'm soooooooo lazy. It's cool.
top: c/o Chic Wish
jeans: American Eagle
shoes: Aldos
purse: F21 similar

Guys, I think this is the most fabulous top I have ever worn. Seriously, it is sooooo cozy and soft, not to mention that the billowy boho-ness of it is spectacular!! Perfect summer piece! Seriously, guys, Chic Wish is killing it. Which, P.S. they just stalked up their shoe collection and all I can say is, insert googoo eyes emoticon! I mean, these  booties? Must. Enter. My. Closet. Oh, and these strappy leather heels? To. Die. For. They would go perf with a white midi skirt and simple tee! Also, don't forget, there's 30% off your purchase of $50 with code HOLIDAY30 till the 30th! You could get $50 worth of merch for $35! Plussss, free shipping as always! Pretty big win if you ask me! Also, the world cup you guys! Last night's, U.S. vs Portugal, game was INtense!!! 

Much love!

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