While I Was Sleeping

You guys, I just realized why I'm so boring lately! It's because I've been writing my posts when I'm basically half asleep. In fact, I'm pretty sure a couple of the posts from the last month or so where written while I was sleeping! Seriously. There are definitely a couple of posts that I went back to look at and I thought to myself, "What the? When in the heck did I write that?" I need to sleep more. Also, work has just been going extra long these days. Since I have to stay till every customer has been helped, more often than not, these days that has meant staying past 6. I'm tirrrrud. I seriously cannot wait till I'm poolside in Vegas. My body is definitely getting desperate for a break! Anyone else feel me? Come on, ja feel me? Also, I'm a little turd. I'll go a good few weeks without indulging in any sweets, my skin will get all beautiful and clear, and then I go and give in and eat a cookie...or two...or three...or a hundred...what? Just kidding, not really a hundred, but I'll eat a few cookies and screw up the whole perfectly smooth and clear skin thing. So, yeah, I'm a turd. ;) I guess that's what astringent is for, right?

top: h&m similar
high waisted jeans: h&m (sold out) cooler ones here
booties: F21
purse: F21
sunnies: F21
necklace: F21

Sooooooooo, I shop way too much at Forever 21 and h&m. I need new stores, but it's hard to go elsewhere for things when F21 and h&m have such cheap prices and dang cute items. I'm starting to get myself to invest in the more expensive things, though, because the difference in quality is seriously astounding. Not to mention that if I invest in the better quality items they'll last longer! My first bigger investments where, prepare yourselves because you'll pass out once I tell you, drum roll please...two BETSY JOHNSON leather jackets! BETSY. FLIPPIN'. JOHNSON, guys. I love that crazy freak! Eek! I'm so excited! I'm gonna look like such a bad a$* in them! Too bad it's way too hot to wear 'em now. Oh well. I snagged them for a song at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. Anyway, this look today was inspired by another fellow blogger! I bet y'all can guess who! *side note* Did I just "y'all"? I must be asleep. There's no way I'd say that if I were fully conscious. ;) 

Much love! 


  1. Love this look! CMBlove.blogspot.com

  2. I love this outfit and your hilarious personality in all the posts!
    PS I have a hard time spending a lot on clothes too! I just get sick of things way too fast.
    xo, Lauryn