Repeat, Repeat

Guessssss what, guys? I have NO cavities! Not a one! Remember how I mentioned last week that I had gone to the dentist? Well, at the end of my cleaning the dentist came over to inspect my teeth, did some poking around, and declared that my teeth were fab. For obvious reasons (my sugar addiction) I didn't believe that my teeth were, "fab". Pssh. Yeah. Right. Me, the walking sweet tooth, has "fab" teeth. I asked him if he was sure I didn't have any cavities and he just started laughing at me and said that, no, he was absolutely sure I didn't. I still didn't believe him at first, because, um, what do dentists know about teeth anyway? ;) It wasn't till my dad came home from his appointment a few days later, declaring that the dentist had told him he had a couple of cavities, that I finally believed that my teeth were indeed rot free. Guess my anti-cavity mouth wash has been doing its job! ;)
dress: Asos
denim jacket: F21
shoes: h&m
bag: Aldo's 
flower bracelet: F21
stud bracelet: bohme
photos: Rachel Laukat 

This week is all about the repeats! I already posted a look with this dress last week but I'm just so in love with it I had to post it again. Plus, how awesome did these photos turn out? Rachel is preeeetty cool. :) Plus, I wanted to post a more "casual" date night look with this dress! I love how versatile it is that I can just throw on a pair of sneaks and it's instantly perfect walk-in-the-park material! Also, can you guys believe it's pretty much August???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where has the year gone?! I think I might have a brain aneurism if even try to think about how far into the year we are! ACK! 

Much love!



Sooo, I'm a lil' bit cray...but you guys already knew that. ;) Haha, the reason I bring up my crayness (I know, I'm turning an already annoying made up word into an even worse made up word) is because I almost willingly electrocuted myself just to satiate a curiosity. Yep. I almost ELECTROCUTED myself. Here's the story. In case you're dyyying to know, or anything. ;) Over the weekend I ran a local 5k (won 2nd place in my age group, holla!) and decided to run an extra three miles afterwards to get my mileage for the week in. During the subsequent three miles, I passed a little farm house with a wire fence enclosing the front lawn. On that fence were multiple signs that read, "Electric Fence. Do NOT Touch." Of course, me the idiot, was struck with the immediate desire to stop and touch the fence. I stopped, and like Sleeping Beauty in that scene when she's trance like walking towards the spindle (little twit), started walking toward the electric fence. Finger pointed out and everything. ;) Anyhow, I'm almost to the fence when I snap out of my trance and realize that a) what if this thing really IS electric and I had actually touched it, and b) I am dumb. Of course the little devil on my shoulder had to go and whisper, "well what if it isn't electric and the owners just put those signs up to be snobs? Huh? Touch it. Touuuuuuch it." My little devil sounds like Smeagol, in case you were wondering. ;) Anyway, I was theeeeeees close to touching it again when I realized, "how stupid would I look if I touched it, got electrocuted into a little hot dog, and were found lying charred on the gravel? How would I even begin to explain that? Assuming I survived." Well, I finally convinced myself to stop obsessing over whether or not the fence could actually electrocute me and went off on my merry way to finish my miles. The end. What a thrilling story, eh?

dress: ASOS
hat: JMR 
shoes: ZooShoo
watch: Bohme
photos: RoPhotography

I love this dress. I know I've already posted a look with it, but I love it. I've already worn it about a hundred times since I got it. It's just so simple yet chic and I love that. It goes with 'erthing. I can't wait to pair it with sheer black tights, chunky over the knee knit socks, and brown leather boots come Fall. Also, also! I'm finally including photo links for the items I wear at the bottom of each post. I'll still list where everything is from up top but the links themselves will be on the photos down below. Also, also! Since I didn't formally announce the winner of the Nordstrom Anniversary Giveaway I'll do that now! The winner is...Christine Presto! Yay! Congrats girl! For the rest of you lovies, I'll be sure to have other giveaways for you all to try your luck at! Also, just a little best friend horn tooting, my girl Romina took these photos for me and may I say they turned out BOM. If any of you are in need of family photos, engagements, etc. get in touch with her!

Much love!



Keepin' it as Simple as a Pimple

Nationality has been on my mind a lot lately. For some heart breaking political reasons, which I won't get into now, as I'm not sure this is the time or place, but also for some more simplistic outward reasons as well. The chief of which being the fact that I'm often confused for being a variety of different nationalities. Some I can understand and others not so much. I've gotten, Brazilian, Asian, Islander, Arabic, Colombian, etc. I usually enjoy hearing people's guesses as to where I'm from and then let it pass from my mind. In fact, just the other day one of my female co-workers stopped me in the middle of the hall and demanded to see my eyes. Obviously I let her, although, I was slightly tempted to say, "No, weirdo. Chu wanna look at my eyes fo?" Anyway, after staring me down for a few seconds she addressed me thus, "why do you look Asian today?" Obviously I had no answer to this because, um, how should I know why I happen to look Asian to her? Anyway, she then told me it must be my makeup, to which I just said sure, because um, my makeup looked exactly the same that day as it does every other day. Anyhow, her comment stuck with me, not because it's I think the third or fourth time someone has told me I look Asian, but because it got me to wondering what I actually look like to other people. I mean, when I look in the mirror I just see me, but what is everybody else seeing that they think I'm Brazilian, Asian, or Arabic? Tis cray. Anyway, do you guys ever forget what you even look like, or is that just me? Because I forget what my face looks like on a regular basis, so when I happen to pass my reflection I'm like, "Whoa. So that's what I look like. I forgot. Interesssssting. I have a face." Weird, I know. Also, I'm told, by my sister anyway, that I make the most crazy (and I'm pretty sure downright ugly at times) expressions. I love me some good and crazy facial expressions, though, so I have no shame in contorting my face into beastly forms. ;) Tis fun!

top: aerie
jeans: American Eagle
purse: aldos similar
shoes: F21
watch: bohme
bracelet: bohme
photos: Rachel Laukat Photography

For this look today I decided to keep it uber simple and relaxed. Some days just call for baby soft boyfriend tees and perfectly worn in torn boyfriend jeans, ja feel? I think the key to simple looks, though, is spicing them up with fun accessories. I decided to spruce this look up with this fun bag, and a little jewelry metal mixing with my rose gold watch and spiked silver bracelet. Also, loafers, dudes. Staple piece to any comfy look.

Much love!

Check out Rachel's photography website. This girl is mega talented and UBER nice! If you're in the Utah area and in need of photos, hit her up!


Like Cookies & Pickles

Sooo, I went to the dentist last week for a cleaning. I know this is so gross to admit, but I honestly hadn't gone in to see a dentist for a cleaning, much less anything else, in a while. Life just got so crazy and stressful shortly after I graduated high school (four years ago) and going to the dentist just sort of fell to the back burner. Anyway, I went into the cleaning totally dreading it. I mean, who likes going into the dentist (Sorry Alisha)? I mean, I certainly never have. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was that demon child that the dentist dreaded having to help. I'm pretty sure in his spare time he referred to me as the spawn of Satan and likely still has nightmares about me to this day. ;) Me and dentists have just never mixed. It's like pickles and cookies. Polar opposites. I would be the cookies in that equation, of course. ;) Anyway, I was just the kind of kid that would tear his hand right out of my mouth at the first sign of discomfort. Even if all he was doing was spraying ice cold water in my mouth. I know, pretty awful. I just have a low tolerance for mouth pain. Any other kind of pain, though? I'm boss at handling. I have literally had one of my internal organs explode on me and not even batted an eyelash. But spray cold water on my teeth? I flip out. Oh, and of course I forgot to bring my earphones so I could avoid having to hear that stomach curdling scraping. Yick. Which, funny story about that, actually. When the scraping started, my stomach literally started curdling. The second the sweet hygienist that was doing my cleaning started the scraping I literally almost threw up on her hand. I don't know what it was, but something about that sound just made me so disgustingly nauseous. I had to fight so hard not to send chunks of my breakfast, a green smoothie, flying everywhere. And yes, you all totally needed that mental image. ;)

dress: ASOS
shoes: ZooShoo
purse: Aldo's 
jewelry: F21
photos: EmmyLowePhoto

Gross dentist stories aside, though, I am totally in loooove with this dress! It's so light, airy, and totally perfect for this vomitrocious heat! Not to mention that floral pattern is to DIE for. Little secret? It's actually a maternity dress. I know, I know, super weird of me to go out and buy a maternity dress but as I was looking through ASOS' summer sale dresses I spotted it and fell so much in love with it I decided to get it anyway. I got it in their smallest size possible hoping the fit wouldn't be too big. The waist is still pretty loose, for obvious reasons (I'm not pregnant), but throw on a belt and problem solved! Also, these cute little F21 accessories and tiny powder blue Aldo's bag are so darling! I was going for a girly light summer look and I fee like the accessories totally tied that look together for me!

Much love!



Sooooo, The Goo Goo Dolls were awesome!! I was dying. My dreams have been fulfilled. I can die happy now. Well, not really, I'd still like to try that whole marriage and kids thing. ;) I seriously luuuuuuuurved every minute of it, though! Also, I thought I knew what it meant to be a crazy "fan girl" but boy was I wrrrrrong. The girls at the show were totally nuts. Like throwing themselves on the ground in worship, nuts. Also, this whole weekend I kept thinking that I had tonssss to talk about with you guys, and now I have no idea what this "tons to talk about" could've been. Also, I hate the summer. I really, really do. I know I've said it time and time again but I'm just not built for the heat. It's so unbearable and honestly, I feel so unattractive in the heat. My hair get's all sweaty and flat and my face gets all shiny and gross. Yick. Not to mention that a person could be starch naked and still be hot. Uggggggggh. Kay, done complaining, I promise.

dress: ASOS
heels: F21
purse: F21 similar
necklace: Bohme
rings: F21
photos by: Ro Photography

I got this love of a dress at the ASOS summer sale and I'm obsessed with it! It's so simple and SO versatile. I've already worn it a good few times. Also, I love the look of all black! Even, though, it's probably not the most practical in the heat! :) Whelp, I'm out of writing steam, soooooo, yeah.

Much love!


Nordstrom Anniversary Giveaway!

Sooooo, remember how I was a super bad blogger this week and I promised you all I would make it up to you all? Weeeeell, here's how I'm doing it! I paired up with 9 other lovely blogger girlies to bring you all this stellar giveaway! Soooo, there's this little secret going around, which I'm sure you all haven't heard at all about. ;) Nordstrom is having their yearly anniversary sale! Eep! Major, MAJOR sales! I know there is a pair of boots I've been eye balling, that would be perf for Fall, that just went on sale! Anyway, to make shopping the sale just a skosh easier, we're giving away a $100 e-gift card to one lucky winner! As always, there are just a few rules/guidelines. First, the giveaway is open internationally (yay!). Second, it will be live from today until Friday, the 25th, so enter away while you can! Third, the winner's entries will be verified, so be honest. :) Aaaand that's all, so get entering! :) Also, I have some fun posts planned for you all this week so be on the lookout!
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dress: c/o ChicWish
shoes: ZooShoo similar
purse: F21 similar

Sooooooo, I've been a really, really bad blogger this week. I've just had sooooo much to do this week and soooo much on my mind! Sorry guys! Hopefully I can step up my game for the rest of the week, but I've got to cram in so many things that I honestly don't think it'll happen. I apologize in advance! I will at least have some pretty exciting things going on for you guys in the next couple of weeks or so, so hopefully that'll make up for it! Also, side note, Goo Goo Dolls concert is TOMORROW!!! I am dying. Not even kidding. I might just have a heart attack. I'm usually not a "Super Fan Girl" type, but for them? I'm pretty much surpassing "super-fan-girl" and reaching "crazy-stalker-girl-who-might-pass-out-when-they-play-name" status. #i'mtotallysane ;)

Much love! 


Steal My Sunshine

GOO GOO DOLLS, you guys, SIX more days! SIX more days till I see one of my all time favorite bands in concert! Yipp, yipp! I have the best big sister ever; she seriously got me THE best birthday present EVER by getting us tickets! Also, you guys, do any of you remember that one, "Steal My Sunshine", song from the 90s? I've been listening to it recently, and I luuuuuurve it! I was telling my little brother that it's like the song of my babyhood and he was like, "No it wasn't. It can't have been. You were at least FIVE when it came out. You were a small child by then, not a baby." Whatever. Little brother's are so annoying sometimes. ;) Why do they have to get all technical all the time? Anyway, I just told him it still counted as the song of my babyhood anyway because I was basically reborn when we came here so five for me was really more like one. ;) Sighhhhhh, music of the 90s, yo. They really knew how to do it right. Also, talk about decade of major one hit wonders! I swear there haven't been as many one hit wonders since the 90s. They were all good little one hit wonders, though. No complaints from me. Also, BSB. I still looooove me some Back Street Boys. Dem homies taught me English. I kid, I kid. "101 Dalmations" did that. Again, kidding. Sort of. I actually really did learn English from music and Disney movies. They were some dang good English teachers. Except for the fact that I also happened to learn some choice swear words from dear old Alanis.
top: h&m
skirt: c/o Agnes & Dora similar
purse: Aldo's similar
shoes: F21
sunnies: Aldos

Remember how last post I mentioned that the Summer's insufferable heat wave had finally hit? Well, I love this shirt because it's so light and airy that it helps combat that. Except for when I unavoidably get sweaty anyway and I get major pit stains. Sooooooooo attractive. ;) Also, I'm OBsessed with this Agnes & Dora skirt!! It's another one I got from the shoot I mentioned last post, and I've already worn it about a thousand and one times! I've even posted another look with it here. It's just THAT awesome. Soft, light weight, and not so tight that you can see every cheek dimple. Heehee, cheek dimples, and not of the face variety. Heehee. On top of being a pit stained mess I am also oh soooo mature. ;) Anyway, that's it. Wear sunblock out of doors. Drink lots of water. Eat yurrrrr veggies. Listen to my best of the 90s playlist. (On shuffle. It's the only way to get the FULL experience;)

Much love!