Because I'm...Batman!

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that I was hording up the Batman trilogy in my room? Well, I just started my little tete-a-tete with The Bat. Man, I love those movies. Most well done super hero movies ever. EVER. Also, I have a sweet spot for them because back in middle school my little sister and I used to have a bit of a crush (ok, a MAJOR crush) on Christian Bale. SUCH. A babe. I remember the summer in between eighth and ninth grade she and I ordered EVERY Christian Bale movie available on Netflix. Of course, this was back when Netflix only mailed DVD's out to you. Heehee, DVD mailing. ;) Anyway, that summer we watched everything Christian Bale. Well, excepting "American Psycho". Understandably, my dad had us send it back the second he realized we had ordered it. Course, we had no idea that "American Psycho" wasn't exactly a friendly movie, although, we should've guessed by the fact that it has the word "psycho" in the title. Anyway, he didn't want us to, get ready a Batman quote is coming up, "burden ourselves with the secrets of scary men". Anyway, JUST watched the Christian Bale "push up" scene in "Batman Begins". MmmmMmmm, biceps. ;) Also, Katie Holmes is AAAAdorable in the movie!

leather jacket: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom similar
top: h&m 
shorts: abercrombie similar
purse: Aldo's similar
sunglasses: hot topic

I know you can't see it, but it was totally raining on me during this shoot! (Ok, more like sprinkling;) It was actually kind of funny because I had put together this outfit as my "rainy summer day" look. :) Leather jackets are the perfect way to keep the chills away on a rainy summer day! They're thick enough to keep you warm but thin enough to keep you from getting too hot. Also, I'm OBsessed with this jacket. Remember how I had mentioned a while back that I had gotten a Betsey Johnson leather jacket when Nordstrom was having their super sale? Well, this is the jacket! It. Is. Killer. I know I'm going to be wearing it NON-STOP when Fall hits! Anyway, I thought the perfect way to keep the look still light and summery would be to pair it with some slouchy boyfriend shorts, a bright bag, and heart shaped mirrored sunnies! Which, by the way, this is the third pair of sunnies I got in Vegas, and I luuuurve them! I think the heart shape is just so fun for summer! Oh, and this bag? My sissy and I fell in love with it when we stopped by the Aldo's in Vegas and decided we should go halfsies on it and split the cost!

Much love!

"Do you even LIFT Mr. Wayne?"
The point, Alfred, was to watch Christian Bale do pushups. ;)


  1. Love those shorts! I need to get myself a pair after seeing how cute you style them!

    1. Thanks Carly! Do it, they are the best!