Dear old Alfred

I've got one thing on my mind and one thing only...BATMAN. I know I already talked about it yesterday but I'm on the last movie in the trilogy and I'm still pretty obsessed. Also, my DVD player is probably older than I am. I think it may even be the first DVD player ever made. Seriously. It has no pause button, fast forward button, rewind button, or menu arrows. Apparently back in the day you either watched yo movie all at once or not at all. Missed something? Too bad. Ya can't rewind. Need to pee? Pee yo pants cause ya can't pause. Bored of a certain scene? Well then boohoo, why'd you rent the movie because ya can't fast forward either. It's pretty funny, actually and I actually kind of like it because it forces me to pay more attention then I would have otherwise. Also, I ALWAYS cry at the scene when Bruce kicks out poor Alfred. I love Alfred, he's the sweetest old guy ever and yes, I'm officially the nerdiest nerd out there. I mean, who else cries at a super hero movie?
blazer: h&m
top: gap similar
shorts: abercrombie similar
shoes: ZooShoo similar
belt: h&m
purse: F21

I literally have nothing to say about this outfit. Not because I don't like it, but because I'm too engrossed in "The Dark Knight" rises at the mo. I will say this, though, I'd been looking for a good pair of nude heeled sandals for ages and when I found these on ZooShoo and scored them for $20 I was beyond ecstatic! They are a dream and I've already worn them a thousand and one times! The only thing I did notice about my recent orders from ZooShoo is that their sizes run a little small so I'd recommend going a half size up! 

Much love!

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