I Got Hitched! (Just Kidding, just-sorta-looks-like-I-did)

How were all of your weekends? Mine was pretty fab! For those of you readers who celebrate the fourth of July I hope you had a good one! I know I didn't really do much myself, but having a nice 3 day weekend was sooooo nice nonetheless. Also, also! Yesterday was my baby sister's birthday! Her first one away from home, on her mission! I sure do miss her! Sooo much! Anyway, as most of you who have been following along for a while now know, I'm not a particular fan of Taylor Swift. For no particular reason either. I guess I'm just sort of a butt head that way. Really, though, I think it's more because as humans we tend to not really like people that resemble us too closely and my sister always tells me that if I were any good at singing (I'm not awful, but I'm no Mariah Carey) and a blonde I would basically be Taylor Swift. I think it's something about us both being overly girly, weirdos? I don't know, I can't remember her specific reasons why. Anyway, the point I'm trying to get to here is that over the weekend I had a spur of the moment Taylor Swift jam session (not alone, but not in the company of a girl either, I'll leave it to you all to figure that one out). For the reasons mentioned above, the jam out was obviously not incited by me, but I joined in happily enough. Anyway, now we're nearing the point, it was brought to my attention by my fellow jamee?, jammer?, person-with-whom-I-was-jamming, that the likability of T-Swift's songs stems from the fact that no matter who you are, when a T-Swift song comes on you can instantly think of someone who the song reminds you of. Regardless of how many relationships you've been in. Which, really is kind of true, and at last brings me to my point...I think I'm sort of a closet Taylor Swift fan. I know what you're all thinking, the world must be ending. It's not. I promise. ;) Well, closet fan of her 2nd and 3rd albums. Those are the ones with "Hey Stephen" and "Enchanted" right? I don't know. Anyway, truth be told, I've been a closet fan for quite some time now. I've had songs from aforementioned albums on my playlist for a few years. Go ahead, call me a little hypocritical. ;) Anyway, "Teardrops on My Guitar"? Hellooooo memories of being 17, carefree, with a mind far, far up in the clouds and crushing on a cute blonde high school soccer player.
top: h&m
skirt: c/o Chic Wish
shoes: ZooShoo similar
hat: h&m

Guys, I wore this outfit to church a couple of Sunday's back and I'm in LOOOOOVE with it! I love the look of an all white outfit and I know I'm not a bride, but who says they're the only ones who can work all white?! Also, I'm sort of obsessed with how 50's this look is! Especially since the 50's is one of my favorite decades, well, more like the 40s to the 70s, which, I know is more like 3 decades, but who's counting? If I could go back in time and live a few decades those would definitely be the ones. I'm obsessed with everything from their old world manners, to their fashion, and their music. And my gosh, the MUSIC! Those few decades really nailed it music wise! Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Sam & Dave, Dean Martin, Earth Wind & Fire? Some of my all time favorite artists! Anyway, that's all I have for you loves! Happy Monday! (As if)

Much love!

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