Keepin' it as Simple as a Pimple

Nationality has been on my mind a lot lately. For some heart breaking political reasons, which I won't get into now, as I'm not sure this is the time or place, but also for some more simplistic outward reasons as well. The chief of which being the fact that I'm often confused for being a variety of different nationalities. Some I can understand and others not so much. I've gotten, Brazilian, Asian, Islander, Arabic, Colombian, etc. I usually enjoy hearing people's guesses as to where I'm from and then let it pass from my mind. In fact, just the other day one of my female co-workers stopped me in the middle of the hall and demanded to see my eyes. Obviously I let her, although, I was slightly tempted to say, "No, weirdo. Chu wanna look at my eyes fo?" Anyway, after staring me down for a few seconds she addressed me thus, "why do you look Asian today?" Obviously I had no answer to this because, um, how should I know why I happen to look Asian to her? Anyway, she then told me it must be my makeup, to which I just said sure, because um, my makeup looked exactly the same that day as it does every other day. Anyhow, her comment stuck with me, not because it's I think the third or fourth time someone has told me I look Asian, but because it got me to wondering what I actually look like to other people. I mean, when I look in the mirror I just see me, but what is everybody else seeing that they think I'm Brazilian, Asian, or Arabic? Tis cray. Anyway, do you guys ever forget what you even look like, or is that just me? Because I forget what my face looks like on a regular basis, so when I happen to pass my reflection I'm like, "Whoa. So that's what I look like. I forgot. Interesssssting. I have a face." Weird, I know. Also, I'm told, by my sister anyway, that I make the most crazy (and I'm pretty sure downright ugly at times) expressions. I love me some good and crazy facial expressions, though, so I have no shame in contorting my face into beastly forms. ;) Tis fun!

top: aerie
jeans: American Eagle
purse: aldos similar
shoes: F21
watch: bohme
bracelet: bohme
photos: Rachel Laukat Photography

For this look today I decided to keep it uber simple and relaxed. Some days just call for baby soft boyfriend tees and perfectly worn in torn boyfriend jeans, ja feel? I think the key to simple looks, though, is spicing them up with fun accessories. I decided to spruce this look up with this fun bag, and a little jewelry metal mixing with my rose gold watch and spiked silver bracelet. Also, loafers, dudes. Staple piece to any comfy look.

Much love!

Check out Rachel's photography website. This girl is mega talented and UBER nice! If you're in the Utah area and in need of photos, hit her up!

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