Like Cookies & Pickles

Sooo, I went to the dentist last week for a cleaning. I know this is so gross to admit, but I honestly hadn't gone in to see a dentist for a cleaning, much less anything else, in a while. Life just got so crazy and stressful shortly after I graduated high school (four years ago) and going to the dentist just sort of fell to the back burner. Anyway, I went into the cleaning totally dreading it. I mean, who likes going into the dentist (Sorry Alisha)? I mean, I certainly never have. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was that demon child that the dentist dreaded having to help. I'm pretty sure in his spare time he referred to me as the spawn of Satan and likely still has nightmares about me to this day. ;) Me and dentists have just never mixed. It's like pickles and cookies. Polar opposites. I would be the cookies in that equation, of course. ;) Anyway, I was just the kind of kid that would tear his hand right out of my mouth at the first sign of discomfort. Even if all he was doing was spraying ice cold water in my mouth. I know, pretty awful. I just have a low tolerance for mouth pain. Any other kind of pain, though? I'm boss at handling. I have literally had one of my internal organs explode on me and not even batted an eyelash. But spray cold water on my teeth? I flip out. Oh, and of course I forgot to bring my earphones so I could avoid having to hear that stomach curdling scraping. Yick. Which, funny story about that, actually. When the scraping started, my stomach literally started curdling. The second the sweet hygienist that was doing my cleaning started the scraping I literally almost threw up on her hand. I don't know what it was, but something about that sound just made me so disgustingly nauseous. I had to fight so hard not to send chunks of my breakfast, a green smoothie, flying everywhere. And yes, you all totally needed that mental image. ;)

dress: ASOS
shoes: ZooShoo
purse: Aldo's 
jewelry: F21
photos: EmmyLowePhoto

Gross dentist stories aside, though, I am totally in loooove with this dress! It's so light, airy, and totally perfect for this vomitrocious heat! Not to mention that floral pattern is to DIE for. Little secret? It's actually a maternity dress. I know, I know, super weird of me to go out and buy a maternity dress but as I was looking through ASOS' summer sale dresses I spotted it and fell so much in love with it I decided to get it anyway. I got it in their smallest size possible hoping the fit wouldn't be too big. The waist is still pretty loose, for obvious reasons (I'm not pregnant), but throw on a belt and problem solved! Also, these cute little F21 accessories and tiny powder blue Aldo's bag are so darling! I was going for a girly light summer look and I fee like the accessories totally tied that look together for me!

Much love!


  1. Okay wow these photos are DARLING and you styled this dress perfectly. In love!

    xo Lauryn
    Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion