Sooo, I'm a lil' bit cray...but you guys already knew that. ;) Haha, the reason I bring up my crayness (I know, I'm turning an already annoying made up word into an even worse made up word) is because I almost willingly electrocuted myself just to satiate a curiosity. Yep. I almost ELECTROCUTED myself. Here's the story. In case you're dyyying to know, or anything. ;) Over the weekend I ran a local 5k (won 2nd place in my age group, holla!) and decided to run an extra three miles afterwards to get my mileage for the week in. During the subsequent three miles, I passed a little farm house with a wire fence enclosing the front lawn. On that fence were multiple signs that read, "Electric Fence. Do NOT Touch." Of course, me the idiot, was struck with the immediate desire to stop and touch the fence. I stopped, and like Sleeping Beauty in that scene when she's trance like walking towards the spindle (little twit), started walking toward the electric fence. Finger pointed out and everything. ;) Anyhow, I'm almost to the fence when I snap out of my trance and realize that a) what if this thing really IS electric and I had actually touched it, and b) I am dumb. Of course the little devil on my shoulder had to go and whisper, "well what if it isn't electric and the owners just put those signs up to be snobs? Huh? Touch it. Touuuuuuch it." My little devil sounds like Smeagol, in case you were wondering. ;) Anyway, I was theeeeeees close to touching it again when I realized, "how stupid would I look if I touched it, got electrocuted into a little hot dog, and were found lying charred on the gravel? How would I even begin to explain that? Assuming I survived." Well, I finally convinced myself to stop obsessing over whether or not the fence could actually electrocute me and went off on my merry way to finish my miles. The end. What a thrilling story, eh?

dress: ASOS
hat: JMR 
shoes: ZooShoo
watch: Bohme
photos: RoPhotography

I love this dress. I know I've already posted a look with it, but I love it. I've already worn it about a hundred times since I got it. It's just so simple yet chic and I love that. It goes with 'erthing. I can't wait to pair it with sheer black tights, chunky over the knee knit socks, and brown leather boots come Fall. Also, also! I'm finally including photo links for the items I wear at the bottom of each post. I'll still list where everything is from up top but the links themselves will be on the photos down below. Also, also! Since I didn't formally announce the winner of the Nordstrom Anniversary Giveaway I'll do that now! The winner is...Christine Presto! Yay! Congrats girl! For the rest of you lovies, I'll be sure to have other giveaways for you all to try your luck at! Also, just a little best friend horn tooting, my girl Romina took these photos for me and may I say they turned out BOM. If any of you are in need of family photos, engagements, etc. get in touch with her!

Much love!