Steal My Sunshine

GOO GOO DOLLS, you guys, SIX more days! SIX more days till I see one of my all time favorite bands in concert! Yipp, yipp! I have the best big sister ever; she seriously got me THE best birthday present EVER by getting us tickets! Also, you guys, do any of you remember that one, "Steal My Sunshine", song from the 90s? I've been listening to it recently, and I luuuuuurve it! I was telling my little brother that it's like the song of my babyhood and he was like, "No it wasn't. It can't have been. You were at least FIVE when it came out. You were a small child by then, not a baby." Whatever. Little brother's are so annoying sometimes. ;) Why do they have to get all technical all the time? Anyway, I just told him it still counted as the song of my babyhood anyway because I was basically reborn when we came here so five for me was really more like one. ;) Sighhhhhh, music of the 90s, yo. They really knew how to do it right. Also, talk about decade of major one hit wonders! I swear there haven't been as many one hit wonders since the 90s. They were all good little one hit wonders, though. No complaints from me. Also, BSB. I still looooove me some Back Street Boys. Dem homies taught me English. I kid, I kid. "101 Dalmations" did that. Again, kidding. Sort of. I actually really did learn English from music and Disney movies. They were some dang good English teachers. Except for the fact that I also happened to learn some choice swear words from dear old Alanis.
top: h&m
skirt: c/o Agnes & Dora similar
purse: Aldo's similar
shoes: F21
sunnies: Aldos

Remember how last post I mentioned that the Summer's insufferable heat wave had finally hit? Well, I love this shirt because it's so light and airy that it helps combat that. Except for when I unavoidably get sweaty anyway and I get major pit stains. Sooooooooo attractive. ;) Also, I'm OBsessed with this Agnes & Dora skirt!! It's another one I got from the shoot I mentioned last post, and I've already worn it about a thousand and one times! I've even posted another look with it here. It's just THAT awesome. Soft, light weight, and not so tight that you can see every cheek dimple. Heehee, cheek dimples, and not of the face variety. Heehee. On top of being a pit stained mess I am also oh soooo mature. ;) Anyway, that's it. Wear sunblock out of doors. Drink lots of water. Eat yurrrrr veggies. Listen to my best of the 90s playlist. (On shuffle. It's the only way to get the FULL experience;)

Much love! 


  1. Your skirt is beautiful! I saw the Goo Goo dolls a few weeks ago when they were in Tampa! They were amazing!


    1. Thanks Courtney! Oh my gosh, aren't they just the best?! I love them!!


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