dress: c/o ChicWish
shoes: ZooShoo similar
purse: F21 similar

Sooooooo, I've been a really, really bad blogger this week. I've just had sooooo much to do this week and soooo much on my mind! Sorry guys! Hopefully I can step up my game for the rest of the week, but I've got to cram in so many things that I honestly don't think it'll happen. I apologize in advance! I will at least have some pretty exciting things going on for you guys in the next couple of weeks or so, so hopefully that'll make up for it! Also, side note, Goo Goo Dolls concert is TOMORROW!!! I am dying. Not even kidding. I might just have a heart attack. I'm usually not a "Super Fan Girl" type, but for them? I'm pretty much surpassing "super-fan-girl" and reaching "crazy-stalker-girl-who-might-pass-out-when-they-play-name" status. #i'mtotallysane ;)

Much love!