So, my sister showed me this little thing on Buzzfeed about picky eaters and it had me giggling like mad. Why? Because I'm a picky eater. Like, waaaaay bad. It's so bad, that I pretty much just tell people straight up that I don't like food. At all. That way they don't act surprised when they realize I pretty much eat the same five foods everyday. Eggs are my go to. Beans are my favorite. Fruits and veggies are my friends. Aaaaand, chicken saves my life. Alll the time. Especially, at restaurants. I won't even bother to list all of the foods that I hate, because that would take waaaaay too long but the point is, iiiima picky eater. Why am I sharing this with you all? I don't really know, to be honest. Haha. :) Probably because I have nothing else to say....;) Anyway, I got a real kick out of this cute little watermelon t-shirt because when I wear it I'm a Guatemalan wearing a Watermelon tshirt. Heehee, get it? Get it? Get why it's funny? Guatemalan, watermelon. Haha, I crack myself up. I'm so witty and funny! ;)

top: c/o OASAP
shorts: c/o OASAP
sneakers: F21
sunnies: F21
photos: Haley Nord

With summer coming to it's close I decided to put together a few "end of Summer" looks for you all! I started off my "end of Summer" looks with this cute watermelon tshirt and high waisted shorts because what says summer more than watermelons, and shorts? Nothin' I tell you! :) I actually styled this cute tshirt one more way that I'll also be sharing with you all in the next few days! Also, can we talk about these photos? They. Are. So. Awesome. Haley did such a stellar job. Seriously, when I put on this outfit I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it, but after seeing these photos I'm like, "daaaaaaaaaaaaang, girl, I like dis outfit. Dis a nice outfit." Also, Haley just did such an awesome job of capturing that "end of summer" look/feeling. She is awesome. Check out her insta. FOLLOW her insta. I promise you will not regret it!

Much love!

Two of my favorites off the picky eater Buzzfeed list:

When someone cooks something for you that you don't like and you have to eat it to be polite but can't hide your disgust.

When someone asks you WHY you don't like something.


#aeostyle Awards!

Guesssss what, guys? American Eagle had their #aeostyle Awards last night, and guess who won Best Fit with these overalls? Yep, you all guessed it, yours truly! Eep! I was SO excited! If you guys are at all interested in checking out the #aeostyle Awards click here! Oh, and, guys? I really and truly wish I had something interesting to say to you all today but I think I've used up all of my interesting juices in the last couple of posts. Now I'm drawing a total blank, so I guess I'm all out of interesting juice. Sad, sad. What shall we chat about? Oh! I know! My little brother just got himself another controller for his PS3 so now we can play all of his Asian fighting games together! Man, I remember back in the day I was BOSS at playing Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z fighting video games. Is that kind of weird/lame? Possibly. But that's what happens when you're a big sister who tries to take interest in her kid brother's hobbies. :) Anyway, I will definitely be playin' it up on the PS3 this week with my lil' bro!:)

tshirt: ASOS
overalls: American Eagle
sandals: borrowed from my sister
bag: F21
photos: Caroline Burke

Guys, I am OBsessed with these overalls. OBsessed. They are just so dang cute and fun! I know they are totally a trend that will go out of style in the next couple of years, but they were just a trend that I was super into and just HAD to try out. What do you guys think of the overalls trend? Anyway, I can't wait to pair these babies with a chunky scarf and heels! Also, American Eagle has all their denim for $30! That's another reason I decided to go ahead and try out the overalls trend, because I found these for such a great price! I think when it comes to trendy pieces it's super important to find them at good prices otherwise you won't get your money's worth! I linked the exact pair that I'm wearing, up top and left links for other cute overall options down below! Oh, and on a side note, this bag still smells like baby crap. ;)

Much love!


Hop on the Murrrrder Trainnnn! (HIMYM reference right thur)

I'm sitting here watching a murder investigation show with my mum and I'm struggling to find anything cheerful to say because all that's running through my mind is, murder, murder, MUUUUURDER!!! I actually used to hate murder investigation shows with a bloody passion. Haha, no pun intended. Actually, pun very much intended. ;) Also, is bloody a bad word? I don't know. Anyway, back to the cheerful topic we were discussing. I hated murder investigation shows, and that's pretty much the only type of show my mum likes to watch. Well, that and MMA fights. She is one heck of a woman, am I right? ;) Anyway, after about a decade of watching murder investigation shows with my mum (she started watching them a ton when I was about 12) they've finally sort of grown on me and now I too love to weirdly watch murder investigation shows. Things I've learned? First, runner's ALWAYS find the body or they ARE the body. Always. Sadly, this probably means that as a runner, at some point in my life, I will probably find a dead body or BECOME the dead body. This is why I need to learn a martial art, or marry a muscley beast who also enjoys running so we can go on runs together and he can kick any murderer's butt for me. Second, never give rides to strangers, especially strangers of the hobo variety. I kind of thought that one would be common sense to most people, but apparently not. Third, NEVER leave your group of friends at a concert. EVER. You WILL die if you do. Oh, and if you're a girl, your safest bet is just to suspect every male you encounter of being a murderer rapist. The store clerk, the cab driver, the rando you just passed on the street, alllllls dem guys. Suspect 'em. Now, someone give me a testify!

dress: ASOS
hat: h&m
bag: F21
sandals: borrowed from my sissy
photos: Caroline Burke

Guyyyyyyys, I love dis dress. I love it. It literally fits like a white sack...but I love it. With Summer starting to come to a close I knew I wanted to take advantage of these last couple of weeks of super warm weather by pairing it with sandals (borrowed from my lovely sissy because I don't actually own any cute white sandals myself) and a nice straw sun hat! I also picked up these cute lil' blossoms for my mum and I just had to include them in the shots before bringing them home to her. Also, this new F21 bag is a fave. The rich cognac leather coloring of it is divine, and it is ENORMOUS! I am seriously going to be using it nonstop. It's only downfall? It smells like a baby took a nice poop in it. Of the soft green variety. Y'all know the kind I'm talking about. For some reason it's the stinkiest kind. Aaaand that's what this bag smells like. Don't know why, but it does. I'm hoping it goes away. Oh, and these photos? They were done by the adorable Caroline of Caroline Burke Photography! She is the cutest 15 year old EVER. And, yes, I just said FIFTEEN year old. Let that sink in. She's CARAZY talented, right? Talent knows no age, right? Check out her website, and IG and send her some love! 

Much love! 

P.S. If you want to understand the title of this post watch this video. 

P.P.S. If you speak or understand Spanish then you ABSOLUTELY must watch this video about the disadvantages of being a girl. You will die. (of laughter;) 


Madewell Giveaway

So do you all remember when I said I'd have an awesome giveaway for you all today? Well, here it issss! I'm teaming up with Makeup by C, Looks for Lovelies and a handful of other awesome bloggers to bring you guys a giveaway to Madewell!! So exciting, right?! I mean, Madewell is like simple chic heaven! I'm constantly browsing their stuff online and wishing I had tons of money to spend on there!

Also, also! For you Utah locals, Madewell's store in Fashion Place is opening this week, so can you say perfect timing?! Anyway, today we're giving you all the chance to pull the trigger on your Madewell shopping cart! Yay! One lucky reader will win a $300 gift card to Madewell to go splurge crazy! To enter, simply complete the rafflecopter below, and remember the more entries you complete, the more chances you have to win! This giveaway will end the 27th of this month at midnight! Make sure to go check out all the lovely bloggers involved in this giveaway! Best of luck to you all!

Your Hosts


Your Co Hosts



When you're an immigrant kid growing up in the U.S. you spend your time in one of four ways and options one and two really just depend on what kind of neighborhood you live in. Option one, you wander the neighborhood streets with a bunch of white kids not really fitting in but tagging along anyway. Option two, you wander the neighborhood streets with a bunch of other brown kids and fit in fairly well but get judged by passersby as a bunch of miscreants. Option three, you become a crazy good athlete and spend all of  your afternoons practicing so that when you get bigger you can make loads of money and buy your mom a nice house. Option four, you realize you're a little bugger who's no good at sports, you'd rather not spend your time with all the other white kids or spend your time with other brown kids that don't really get you anyway because they aren't even immigrants, and therefore end up spending the bulk of your time indoors increasing your knowledge by extensive reading, spending loads of time in front of the boob tube (so as to balance out your embarrassingly higher than average IQ with some healthy doses of pop culture because, um, we're all suddenly equal in the land of elementary/middle school if we've watched the latest pop music videos and have kept up with those dang Kardashians), and/or playing outside with only your own siblings because they're the only one's who get you anyway. I was option four. Why am I telling you this? Well, because I'm about to tell you that growing up I spent an inordinate amount of time watching E! Which can bring you to the obvious conclusion that I spent inordinate amounts of time watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I know, so bad. Don't worry, I read enough classic English Literature for it to not completely melt my brain. ;) Anyway, for a few years there, I did not keep up with the Kardashians. This year though my sister and I got dragged back into watching the latest season for some reason, don't ask my why because I don't know, but now we're hooked again on their completely ridiculous lives. Can you say guilty pleasure? Guilty. Pleasure. There, said it myself. ;) Anyway, there's my little schpeel for the day!

t-shirt: GooGoo Dolls merch table
overalls: American Eagle
baseball cap: h&m
necklace: Fifth & Mae
photos: Emmy Lowe

Guys, I have literally not stopped thinking about The Goo Goo Dolls since I saw them a MONTH ago. They were just SOOOOOO good! And I mean, I've been a fan of them since my infancy, literally. I mean, my all time favorite song by them is 20 years old, only two years younger than I am. CARAZY. Anyway, I got a concert tee at the show and I've been dying to do a post with it to share with you guys ever since. I wanted to style it in a super laid back tomboyish way, so I paired it with my new pair of American Eagle overalls (which I'm in love with and will be featuring a few more times) and a bright baseball cap. Anyways, that's all I've got for you all today but be sure to tune in on Friday because I'm going to have an UUUUUUUUBER good giveaway for you all!

Much love!


I Wish I Was a Baller

Anyone know that one "I Wish" rap song? I'm not usually a rap type of gal, at ALL but I've heard this song around. Not really sure when or where, but I've heard it. Anyway, the lyrics totally describe how I feel about my height in these photos, cuuuuz I love the photos, because they turned out totally rad thanks to ma besties wicked talent, but...

"I wish I was a little bit taller 
I wish I was a baller 
I wish I had a girl (boy in my case) who looked good
I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a six four Impala
I wish I was like six foot nine (five ten would be good;)
So I can get with Leoshi"

I totally don't even know what half those lyrics are talkin' about but all that jazz bout bein' taller and havin' a boy who looked good? Yeah, I wants that. Puhlease and thank you. I know I should be happy with my 5'3 frame and all that good yippy stuff, but sometimes I just can't help wishing I had some nice loooooooong legs! Any shorties know what I mean? Anyone, ja feel me? First, jeans would actually fit and I wouldn't have to constantly go up to the register to ask if they carry a zero petite (no one ever does) only to be told to check online. Don't get me wrong, I love online shopping, but when it comes to jeans I just don't want to have to wait for them to come to me. Also, when I'm forced into buying regular jeans because I don't have the patience to order petite jeans I always end up having to roll them or just make peace with the extra bit of bunched up jean at the ankles from my lack of legs to properly fill them. Or, when the knees get all crinkled, loose, and baggy from my knees making indents on a part of the jeans that would normally be filled with a thigh rather than a knee on a regular person? Have any of my fellow shorties noticed this? #firstworldproblems? Yep. My dumb rant is over. World, forgive my vain desires! I is a bad Winky! (someone please tell me they understand that Harry Potter reference!)

top: ASOS
jeans: AE
sandals: ZooShoo
purse: F21
rings: borrowed from my sissy
sunnies: Aldos
bracelet: handmade in Guatemala
photos: Ro Photography

You guys, I am in LOVE with this t-shirt. I know, I know, you're all thinking, "Allexis. It's just a t-shirt." Buuuut, it's not. Guys, it's so soft and the fit is PERFECT! It's got that long but not too long length, that loose but not too loose look, and the rolled sleeves hit at the PERFECT spot! It instantly makes you look SUPER buff and also super bad a**. When I saw this t-shirt online I knew I HAD to have it, I could just tell that it was going to have that perfect boyfriend fit...and it DID. I knew I would love it so much that I actually got it in a two pack and got one in black! Also, somedays it's just allllls about the super laid back outfits. Awesome slimming black jeans, comfy plain white tee, wicked/simple accesories. Amen, Hallelu.

Much love!


Guess Who!

Guessss who got new hurrs?! This girl, this girl! I gots me some nice new stensions (that's street talk for "EXtensions") courtesy of Laced Hair! I want to dedicate the majority of this post on a full review of them and my thoughts on extensions in general since I know a good few of you were asking about them and wondering about if I use them/what kind I use! (Holy run on sentence!) I had put off writing a full blown extensions post not because I was just being a jerky turk and ignoring your questions but because I didn't feel like the old extensions I had warranted a post. Prior to the posts you'll be seeing this week I had been using just the cheap-o Sally "Euro-Next" brand. I pretty much hated them, guys. I really did. They weren't super long, the clips would tug on my hair and start to seriously hurt by the end of the day, and they would get so tangled and nasty ratted, that by the end of the day they resembled a dread lock. I could seriously stick my hand in them and loose it to the abyss of matted tangles. It was gross. not to mention that they really didn't come with a whole lot of hair. After about the first week I seriously regretted purchasing them/wasting my hard earned wisdom-tooth-removal-research-surgery money on them! I went through dry sockets and chipmunk face for that money, and I sadly wasted a good chunk of it. Boo!

Anyway, last week Laced Hair was awesome enough to send me a set of their "i-do" clip in extensions in #1b soft black. Let me tell you guys, the difference is NIGHT and DAY! First, because of their softness! It's been about a week and a half since I got them and they are STILL way, way soft. Not a SINGLE tangle. They hold a curl crazy good, and stay softly curled for a good few days so I don't have to worry about curling them every single time I put them on! Next, their clips come with a soft little gel lining that makes it so they aren't as painful to the scalp and natural hair! I love it, because I love having mermaid long hair but I certainly don't want to have a headache at the end of the day just to accomplish that! They weren't quite as dark as I would have expected a natural black to be, but I was surprised by how well they ended up blending with my actual hair regardless! I think it might be because I had an ombre once upon a time and I still have some left over color on my ends. I still definitely am considering going in to get my hair and the extensions painted just so they fade into each other PERFECTLY, though! I also really loved that each weft didn't just come with like five hairs like the Euro-Next ones because I'm a thick haired girl and if I'm going to wear extensions they need to blend with that! Overall, I'm basically in love with these new "stensions" and I love that they give me the ability to play around with mermaid long hair! I'm definitely going to be experimenting with braids with these babies and I cannot flippin' wait! All my ladies in the market for extensions be sure to check out Laced Hair and be sure to check out their Insta as well, they've got some serious hair inspo on there!

sweater: c/o ChicWish
jeans: AE
hat: c/o ChicWish similar
hair: c/o Laced Hair
photos: Emmy Lowe

So I am tooootes in love with this sweater from Chic Wish! It's like that perfect comfy/cozy rainy day in sweater! Not to mention that the print is just so dang cute! It does have that ripped/frayed edge thing goin' on, on the sleeves and hem, but I honestly don't mind! I normally would, but I love the print and fit so much that I just figure, eh, a little rips never hurt anybody! Rips are edgy, right? :) Also, return of the ombre much with my hair? Totally. And I actually kinda love it! Anyway, these jeans, you guys. These. Jeans. Aside from the fact that they're not petite like I would have preferred they are literally sheer perfection! The fit is INcredible, they are CARAZY soft, and they have that "faded-black-denim" look that I was desperately hunting for! I'm telling you guys, nobody does it like American Eagle when it comes to jeans. NObody. Not to mention all their jeans are $30 right now! THIRTY dollars, you guys! I had to seriously control myself not to buy at least five different pairs! The style I got was the super high rise, which I'm soooo excited to actually style them in a way that shows off the high waist! Anyway, holy moly talk about a loooooooooong post! I think I'm done now, though!

Much love!