#aeostyle Awards!

Guesssss what, guys? American Eagle had their #aeostyle Awards last night, and guess who won Best Fit with these overalls? Yep, you all guessed it, yours truly! Eep! I was SO excited! If you guys are at all interested in checking out the #aeostyle Awards click here! Oh, and, guys? I really and truly wish I had something interesting to say to you all today but I think I've used up all of my interesting juices in the last couple of posts. Now I'm drawing a total blank, so I guess I'm all out of interesting juice. Sad, sad. What shall we chat about? Oh! I know! My little brother just got himself another controller for his PS3 so now we can play all of his Asian fighting games together! Man, I remember back in the day I was BOSS at playing Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z fighting video games. Is that kind of weird/lame? Possibly. But that's what happens when you're a big sister who tries to take interest in her kid brother's hobbies. :) Anyway, I will definitely be playin' it up on the PS3 this week with my lil' bro!:)

tshirt: ASOS
overalls: American Eagle
sandals: borrowed from my sister
bag: F21
photos: Caroline Burke

Guys, I am OBsessed with these overalls. OBsessed. They are just so dang cute and fun! I know they are totally a trend that will go out of style in the next couple of years, but they were just a trend that I was super into and just HAD to try out. What do you guys think of the overalls trend? Anyway, I can't wait to pair these babies with a chunky scarf and heels! Also, American Eagle has all their denim for $30! That's another reason I decided to go ahead and try out the overalls trend, because I found these for such a great price! I think when it comes to trendy pieces it's super important to find them at good prices otherwise you won't get your money's worth! I linked the exact pair that I'm wearing, up top and left links for other cute overall options down below! Oh, and on a side note, this bag still smells like baby crap. ;)

Much love!

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