Ce La Vie

Does it feel like this year has just zoomed by? Or is that just me? Also, although, I don't really have a lot going on right now I'm pretty content with the calmness and simplicity of life at the mo. It's pretty nice. Also, as per usual, I had some wonderful idea for a funny post for you all today and now that I'm sitting here typing it's, *poof*! Ce la vie, right? The brain always seems to have room for endless amounts of song lyrics but when it comes to remembering anything even remotely useful it's just like, "Can't compute. Can't compute. System capacity full." The second you hear a song on the radio, though? Brain's like, "Ooo I like this jam. Let's memorize it, play it over and over again in our mind and make her want to strangle a puppy!" Alsoooooo, some of the leaves 'round my neighborhood are already turning brown and straight up falling. What up with that? It's the beginning of AUGUST for cryin' out loud!

top: h&m
skirt: c/o Chic Wish
hat: c/o Chic Wish
purse: F21 
shoes: h&m
bracelet: F21

I'm so, so, so, in love with this skirt! I luuuuuuurve the brightness of it and the gorgeous pleats! I've always said pleats in a skirt are the best thing ever! They just give 'em that extra level of swishyness that make skirts fab! Also, loafers and over sized tees are the PERF way to dress down an outfit while still keepin' it cute. I need to get me some leather loafers. Leather loafers are the stuff! Oh and these photos? I think they're some of my favorite to date! Rachel is preeeeeeetty cool! Check her out and if you're in need of any sort of photos hit her up! Also, I know this post was suuuuuuper short, but I gots some Harry Potter to read, so yeah. ;)

Much love!


  1. I just found your blog via instagram and love your style! This skirt is gorgeous, I adore the color and pleats!

    prosecco in the park

    1. Aww thanks Lyndsay! I'm glad you found me! :)


  2. Very classic look!
    xoxo - www.katestylepetite.com

  3. OKAY such a cute skirt! & i love the eyelet on the hat!
    xo Lauryn
    Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion