When you're an immigrant kid growing up in the U.S. you spend your time in one of four ways and options one and two really just depend on what kind of neighborhood you live in. Option one, you wander the neighborhood streets with a bunch of white kids not really fitting in but tagging along anyway. Option two, you wander the neighborhood streets with a bunch of other brown kids and fit in fairly well but get judged by passersby as a bunch of miscreants. Option three, you become a crazy good athlete and spend all of  your afternoons practicing so that when you get bigger you can make loads of money and buy your mom a nice house. Option four, you realize you're a little bugger who's no good at sports, you'd rather not spend your time with all the other white kids or spend your time with other brown kids that don't really get you anyway because they aren't even immigrants, and therefore end up spending the bulk of your time indoors increasing your knowledge by extensive reading, spending loads of time in front of the boob tube (so as to balance out your embarrassingly higher than average IQ with some healthy doses of pop culture because, um, we're all suddenly equal in the land of elementary/middle school if we've watched the latest pop music videos and have kept up with those dang Kardashians), and/or playing outside with only your own siblings because they're the only one's who get you anyway. I was option four. Why am I telling you this? Well, because I'm about to tell you that growing up I spent an inordinate amount of time watching E! Which can bring you to the obvious conclusion that I spent inordinate amounts of time watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I know, so bad. Don't worry, I read enough classic English Literature for it to not completely melt my brain. ;) Anyway, for a few years there, I did not keep up with the Kardashians. This year though my sister and I got dragged back into watching the latest season for some reason, don't ask my why because I don't know, but now we're hooked again on their completely ridiculous lives. Can you say guilty pleasure? Guilty. Pleasure. There, said it myself. ;) Anyway, there's my little schpeel for the day!

t-shirt: GooGoo Dolls merch table
overalls: American Eagle
baseball cap: h&m
necklace: Fifth & Mae
photos: Emmy Lowe

Guys, I have literally not stopped thinking about The Goo Goo Dolls since I saw them a MONTH ago. They were just SOOOOOO good! And I mean, I've been a fan of them since my infancy, literally. I mean, my all time favorite song by them is 20 years old, only two years younger than I am. CARAZY. Anyway, I got a concert tee at the show and I've been dying to do a post with it to share with you guys ever since. I wanted to style it in a super laid back tomboyish way, so I paired it with my new pair of American Eagle overalls (which I'm in love with and will be featuring a few more times) and a bright baseball cap. Anyways, that's all I've got for you all today but be sure to tune in on Friday because I'm going to have an UUUUUUUUBER good giveaway for you all!

Much love!


  1. These photos are amazing!!!! Who took them for you?? I'm dying over these overalls. seriously gorgeous friend. Can't wait to see how you style your boots!

  2. Thanks Brandi!!!!!! Emmy from Emmy Lowe Photo did them for me! :) I left a link in the post if you're interested! :) Oh my heck, I'm SO excited to post about the boots!