I Wish I Was a Baller

Anyone know that one "I Wish" rap song? I'm not usually a rap type of gal, at ALL but I've heard this song around. Not really sure when or where, but I've heard it. Anyway, the lyrics totally describe how I feel about my height in these photos, cuuuuz I love the photos, because they turned out totally rad thanks to ma besties wicked talent, but...

"I wish I was a little bit taller 
I wish I was a baller 
I wish I had a girl (boy in my case) who looked good
I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a six four Impala
I wish I was like six foot nine (five ten would be good;)
So I can get with Leoshi"

I totally don't even know what half those lyrics are talkin' about but all that jazz bout bein' taller and havin' a boy who looked good? Yeah, I wants that. Puhlease and thank you. I know I should be happy with my 5'3 frame and all that good yippy stuff, but sometimes I just can't help wishing I had some nice loooooooong legs! Any shorties know what I mean? Anyone, ja feel me? First, jeans would actually fit and I wouldn't have to constantly go up to the register to ask if they carry a zero petite (no one ever does) only to be told to check online. Don't get me wrong, I love online shopping, but when it comes to jeans I just don't want to have to wait for them to come to me. Also, when I'm forced into buying regular jeans because I don't have the patience to order petite jeans I always end up having to roll them or just make peace with the extra bit of bunched up jean at the ankles from my lack of legs to properly fill them. Or, when the knees get all crinkled, loose, and baggy from my knees making indents on a part of the jeans that would normally be filled with a thigh rather than a knee on a regular person? Have any of my fellow shorties noticed this? #firstworldproblems? Yep. My dumb rant is over. World, forgive my vain desires! I is a bad Winky! (someone please tell me they understand that Harry Potter reference!)

top: ASOS
jeans: AE
sandals: ZooShoo
purse: F21
rings: borrowed from my sissy
sunnies: Aldos
bracelet: handmade in Guatemala
photos: Ro Photography

You guys, I am in LOVE with this t-shirt. I know, I know, you're all thinking, "Allexis. It's just a t-shirt." Buuuut, it's not. Guys, it's so soft and the fit is PERFECT! It's got that long but not too long length, that loose but not too loose look, and the rolled sleeves hit at the PERFECT spot! It instantly makes you look SUPER buff and also super bad a**. When I saw this t-shirt online I knew I HAD to have it, I could just tell that it was going to have that perfect boyfriend fit...and it DID. I knew I would love it so much that I actually got it in a two pack and got one in black! Also, somedays it's just allllls about the super laid back outfits. Awesome slimming black jeans, comfy plain white tee, wicked/simple accesories. Amen, Hallelu.

Much love!

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