Root Beer Floats and Butter Beer Cravings

I'm sitting here on a belly full of RootBeer Float wondering what on earth I should write about. Which, actually, I never really knew I was a Root Beer Float fan, but there were some at work at last week and I thought, "eh, what the hay? Might as well try one", and now I'm hooked! Who woulda thunk that those things where so yummy? Also, you know where I'm DYING to go? Harry. Potter. World. Yes, I'm a nerd. But seriously? I wants to go, I wants to go, I wants to go! Somebody buy me tickets! ;) Also, butter beer? I want to try that too! -It's not actually beer...is it?- Also, as you all know, I'm a HUGE fan of online shopping but I kinda hates it all at the same time, too. I'm so impatient that I literally get furious when it doesn't get to me as quickly as I want. I should work on that. ;) Also, wanna know words that I'm obsessed with lately? Codswallop, git, prat. Ya know, just all those lovely British words. All those nice ones. ;)

top: American Eagle 
shorts: abercrombie 
shoes: F21
belt: h&m
hat: JMR
purse: F21
rings: F21
photos: Rachel Laukat Photography

I love the looks of stripes and light browns. It just creates a fun relaxed color combo that's perfect for these end of summer days. Which, can you guys even believe that it's the END of SUMMER? Crazy! I still have some more very summery looks to share with you all, though, so I hope you don't mind! I mean, heavens knows that even with this rain we've been having it's still much too hot to really wear anything Fall worthy! Also, these boyfriend shorts were my saving grace this summer! I seriously wore them all the dang time! Whelp, I'm off to continue reading Harry Potter. Codswallop! Git! Prat!

Much love!

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