You guys are just going to have to forgive me but I'm a total outfit repeater. I know I already posted a look with this lovely maxi skirt last week, but it's just too pretty to not post twice. Also, in real life we wear things waaaaay more than just once, so I'm just bein' real. ;) Also, do you guys ever get tongue pimples? Ya know the occasional weird tiny pump on the edge or tip of the tongue that's all sensitive and annoying? Well, I gots one on the edge of my tongue on Sunday and it's been bugging me ever since. I can't eat, chew, or speak in peace without the dang thing rubbin' up on my teeth and hurting. Somehow I feel like this is something my mouthwash should have prevented? I don't know. It sure is annoying as butt, though. Also, I can't even begin to explain how much it ROCKS to not have to wash any makeup off at night now that I have my eyelash extensions! (If you missed yesterday's post, check it here and take advantage of the coupon I'm offering!) It's seriously the BEST feeling in the world to just be able to crawl into bed without having to think, "Urrrrrr, I still have to wash my face....", BEST feeling ever. Also, getting ready in the mornings is way more fun now because all I have to do is do ma hurrs and pick out an outfit and then I'm left with all this extra time to just dilly dally and laze about! Which, come on, we all know dilly dallying and lazing about in the mornings is the best thing in the world! ;) 

leather jacket: Betsy Johnson via Nordstrom
top: h&m
skirt: c/o ChicWish
jewelry: F21
photos: Rachel Laukat Photography

Even, though, we're still technically still in the grip of summer we all know we're starting to have Fall on our  minds and with that comes thoughts of Fall Fashion. One of my first ways to start transitioning a touch of Fall into my wardrobe every year is by mixing my leather jackets into otherwise very summery looks! I love, love, love, the look of a maxi with a leather jacket! Also, forgive my creepy hair. I totally look like a bald baby. Whatevs. Babies are cute. Right? ;) Anyway, creepy hair aside, these are some of my fave photos by Rachel! It's so fun how sometimes you can find cool places for photos in the most random places!

Much love!

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