Some Days

Yesterday was a very, very, disappointing day. My natural reaction is to want to get angry at how certain things ended up yesterday and I'm so sorely tempted to want to shake my fist and ask, "WHY?! I followed every prompting. I felt that this was the right thing to do, and it still didn't work. WHY." I have to keep reminding myself, though, that I don't have the perfect vision of God and I can't see far enough ahead to realize why things happen the way they do and I just need to trust that they happened for a good reason. It's hard, but I need to do it. Who knew trust was such a hard thing? ;) Anyway, over the weekend I watched the General Women's Meeting for the LDS church with my mom and sister. (If you want to know more about it click here) For the past few years it's sort of been a tradition for the girls in my family to go out to dinner before we sit down and watch the broadcast and this year was no exception. We ordered our food, brought it home, stuffed our little bellies, and then snuggled up on the couch to hear the inspired messages that were shared. Below I'm sharing just one of the messages shared during the broadcast and I just have to say that it is a truly touching video and I hope that some of you sincerely watch it.

If any of you are interested in watching the rest of the broadcast please click here. Much love! P.S. If you didn't notice, I gave my little ol blog another makeover. There's still some fine tuning I want to do, but I really hope you all enjoy the new look! I'd love to hear your feedback!


Fall Oufit Inspiration with She Inside

For today's post I put together a little shopping look book featuring trends for Fall that I'm loving from She Inside! I'm loooving maxi dresses for Fall this year, I just think they look so effortlessly chic and don't really require too much thought because they speak so much on their own! Below I linked a few options that I'm LOOOVING so just click the little arrows on the sides to look through my picks, which, p.s. they're all at or under $20! :)

I'm also really adoring shift dresses for this Fall season. They're also super simple but can look instantly chic when paired with some over the knee boots, or with flats and knee high socks! Also, leather shift dress? KILL. ER.

Also, it's sweater season, guys!! Aaaand I'm really feeling the pastels this Fall, which is so opposite of the colors that are usually associated with Fall but this year pastels in the Fall are on point!

Finally, as the weather cools down we need to start thinking about bringing out those light jackets/coats and She Inside has got some BOMB coats right now, from plaids, to pastels, to mustard yellows they have it all for super affordable prices! I hope you all loved my picks as much I did, and hopefully it gave you some Fall outfit inspiration!

Much love!


Ice Cream & Country

I'm sorry I've been such a poopy blogger lately. I've just had so many things on my plate that I've been trying to take care of. Good news, though, I've completed and turned in my BYU transfer application! Yay! Now fingers crossed for good news in that department come the end of October! :) Also, this is the last of my posts with purple hair! It's fully washed out now! Also, the instructions were full on lying because it definitely did not only take two washes to get rid of that stuff! Try, more like a week and a half! Also, Tuesday was national Ice Cream Cone day so in honor of that Shailynn and I played around with some ice cream! Not really, we totally didn't even know national ice cream cone day was a thing when we took these! Also, I have a little secret. I think I'm starting to like country music....GASP, right?!?!?! I know, I totally thought the world had ended too. Or at the very least that hell had frozen over. But nope, world's still spinning, and hell is still as hot as ever. I know because it feels like we've been living in Satan's butt crack for the past week. Seriously, it's CARAZY hot. Anyway, this whole country music thing started at work. Country music is legit ALL anybody listens to there and at first it kinda bugged me....but thennnnnnnn I happened to hear this one song, "How Country Feels", and I actually kinda liked it. I was all like, "yeah boy, I wanna know how country feels." In a non perverted way of course, getcha minds out of the gutter. ;) Anyway, then I slowly started listening to the country station on the ride home from work as a cleanser from all of my own music that I had overplayed, and now I think I full on like a whole FIVE country songs. I know, I know, major improvement, right?! Who knows, maybe I might even go to Idaho and murry me a cowboy. ;)

sweater: h&m
boyfriend shorts: h&m
booties: Aldo's
necklace: Fith & Mae
photos: Shailynn photography

I know, I know, I totally over shared in the photo department again but I mean, Shailynn just knocked it out of flippin' park. Also, sweaters and shorts, dudes. Best part of transitioning into Fall. Also, there's nothing like a nice neutral color scheme. Oh and these shorts? I love 'em to pieces but I think I'm going to be officially retiring them furrr good. They just be way too short. Beats me how I hadn't noticed before but I'm definitely going to have to buy myself some new longer ones! Anyway, that's all I have. Eat some ice cream. Listen to country music. Marry a cowboy.

Much love!


Trend Alert: The Folded Over Tote

These photos are so funny to me because right as Shailynn and I were shooting them a group of teenage girls stopped on their way into the theater to stare at us. Now, that in and of itself isn't too funny, the funny part was that as they stood their staring they started whispering to each other, "Is that Kylie Jenner?"..."I think it is, look at her hair. It's the same color."..."Should we say something?" This was mainly amusing to me because Kylie is about a good 7 inches taller than me, 5 years younger (she's 17, can you believe it?!), and her hair is currently blue/green, not purple. Sad that I know all this? Probably. Buuuut, I did confess to you all that I'm a closet "Keeping up with the Kardashians" fan. "Don't judge me, Lizzy. Don't you dare judge me." Sorry, I just had to throw in that Pride & Prejudice quote because it fit so well, don't you dare judge me for my like of that silly reality TV show, you guys, don't you dare judge me. ;) There are so many things on my to do list, and so many "just-for-fun" things that I'd like to do this week. Mostly little social outings that would very likely involve making possibly important connections and yet alls I wants to do is procrastinate it all, stay at home, and watch The Mindy Project. I'm so bad. Mostly, I'm just suffering from mild cold symptoms and I would like to stay snuggled until I feel better.  Anyone want to take care of all my business for me so I can chill at home? Eh? Eh? Any takers? Didn't think so. ;)

plaid top: F21
jeans: Pacsun
tote: F21
sunnies: Aldo's
booties: Aldo's
photos: Shailynn Photography

I don't know about you guys, but I follow MadeWell's blog on Bloglovin' (it's really quite good and you should all follow it) and one of the trend's they predicted for this Fall season was the "Tote as a Clutch" trend. I decided to try it out and I'm totally digging it. I feel like it just has a way of making an outfit look instantly more chic and it's easy as pie all you have to do is take any old tote bag, I used my "baby-poop-smell" one, and fold it in half letting the shoulder straps hang loose. Bam. Insta glam. Insta updated trend. Also, plaid and booties. If they don't scream fall then I don't know what does. Also, happy first day of Fall!!! Yay!! It is O-ffically my favorite season of the year now! Which also means that four days ago I turned 22 and a HALF! Carazzy? Mmm, yes. Anyway, I'll link some totes I'm lovin' down below so you can all get yerselves one to try out the "tote-clutch" trend!

Much love!


Grease Monkey

Sooo, I did something cray last week.  I colored my hurrs purple. Yep. Yeppy. Yep. Yep. That happened. I did it with a clay dye that my sister bought for me, so it isn't permanent and when these photos were snapped most of it had washed out already giving it a cool purple ombre effect! I loved that the clay dye let me get a fun color without actually having to damage my hair because heavens knows going from black to pink or purple is like hair suicide. The only downside was that since the hair dye goes on as a layer over the hair follicle rather then penetrating it (to prevent damage) my hair was crispy and sticky the whole time I had it on. Which meant that my hair was crunchier than raman noodles. It's cool, though. Also, who of you thought, "not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate", when I said penetrate? If you did, then you have clearly watched Pitch Perfect and you are cool. Just kidding, I actually hated that movie (feel free to cyber punch me) but the only reason I have it pretty much memorized is because my sister's loved it and would watch it alllllls the time! Also, remember that "butt-sweat-money" story I was going to tell you all? Well, here it is. Last week when I went out for some bubble tea with Lauren, we decided we would enjoy our drinks at one of the outdoor tables, since the day was so nice and all. Anyway, turns out the day was actually pretty warm (90 flipping degrees in SEPTEMBER) so I started workin' up a sweat. About an hour and a half later we say our goodbyes and I head back into Orange Peel to order an extra bubble tea for my mum. I go to pull out ma bills from out of my back pocket, and what do I feel? Moist money! MOIST! Yep. My butt was full on sweating apparently because ma money was moister than a towelette. Anyway, as I handed the cashier my butt sweat money I got to thinking that back when I worked as a cashier at a restaurant, and I would wonder why some of the bills I got were moist (I'd actually, more specifically, think, "why are you WET?" Ya know, because of that line from The Proposal? I have way too many movies memorized...) it was because the customer had pulled it out of their sweaty butt pocket all along. Gross. But real. Let's face it. All of our butts sweat. I mean, who of you hasn't seen a lady at the gym with super tight booty shorts on that have sweat stain on the butt crack? Don't lie. You've seen it. We all have. We just decide to be nice and pretend it isn't there.

top: ASOS
sweater: F21
shorts: h&m
slip on's: Target
necklaces: F21
photos: Shailynn Photography

So, my hair looks like a total grease monkey in these photos which is so weird for me because my hair literally NEVER gets greasy because of how thick it is, but I had just come from a massage in these photos and my masseuse likes to do a scalp massage with essential oils at the end of every session. Thus, I literally had oily hair. Anyway, I know I'm totally overloading on the photos today but it's only because they rock so hard. The AMAZING Shailynn shot these for me and she is like CARAZZY good. Seriously, she is so super sweet, down for anything, and has the BEST ideas! If you need family photos captured, senior portraits, baby photos, or whatever else hit her up because she rocks! Also, my fellow blogger babes, get in touch with her! Anyway, onto some words on the outfit. First, these slide on sandals. I found them for like 5 bucks at Target and I was initially buying them to wear to my Yoga classes because they'd be easy to slide on and off, but I've pretty much been wearing them everyday with my regular clothes. I mean, what's better than a pair of slide on's? No thing but a chickaaan wing! Anyway, I love the grunge feel of a burgundy chunka chunk knit sweater with funky layered necklaces for the Fall. I mean grunge just rocks. Always. Annnnd, yeah, I'm done.

Much love!


Last Minute

dress: ASOS
purse: F21
watch: Bohme Boutique
photos: Ro Photo

I totally forgot I still had these unposted photos that my best girl, Romina, had taken for me a while back! I'm actually kind of glad I had never posted them until now because now I had them for today! Honestly, if not for these awesome pawsome shots, I wouldn't have had ANYTHING to post. I didn't shoot any looks this week and if you hadn't noticed, I didn't blog for two days in a row. Surry! Anyway, I'm callin' these ma selfie photos because they make ma hurrs look bomb! Oh, and want to hear something funny? Actually, never mind. I'm savin' that story for Monday. Suffice it to say, though, that it will involve talking about butt sweat money. Mmhmm, you read that right. Butt sweat money. Anyway, any of you guys watch the season premiere of The Mindy Project? I sure did, and I was CRACKIN' up! Also, on Tuesday I got to have lunch at Orange Peel with Lauren, and boy did I have a blast! Of course with my weirdo chit chatting abilities we meandered into the subject of how to more successfully pop out some chillens. We have determined that Yoga is the way to make sure them behbees slide out like buttah on a hot roll. Does that even make sense? No? Yeah, we'll just forget I said that. Anyway, Lauren is just one of the sweetest humans I have ever met! That's something that I just love about the blogging community here, it just has such a great way of bringing people together and making genuine/sweet friends! Also, I'm preeeeetty excited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with Lo and her hubs! Well, yep, that's all I gots to say today. See yalls next week and hopefully I'll have more to post! ;)

Much love!


Purple Wurple

Guys, I'm dead. I am literally dead. And if I'm not dead, then I'm certainly in the process of getting there. I am dying. Yoga has killed me.  End of story. ;) Do you all remember how at the start of Summer I mentioned that I had started practicing Yoga to help with back pain related to the car accident I was in? Well, I was just doing that on my own. Ya know, reading books about it, studying it, and following Kino's segments on YouTube. (She is a Yoga queeen and so thorough! I highly recommend looking into her books and videos!) Anyway, the other week I noticed that there was a Groupon for a month of unlimited Yoga classes at one of my mum's favorite gyms so I decided to jump on it and start "OFFICIALLY" practicing Yoga. My body has never hurt so much in my entire life. Like, seriously, all around pain. But it hurts so good. As an avid runner and former CrossFitter I thought I was in pretty great shape. Hahahahaha, not so. I was in good cardiovascular shape, but not in the kind of shape that Yoga requires. Pffft, Pffft, and I used to think Yoga was a joke. Boy, was I wrong. A well mastered Yogi could wipe the floor with my butt any day of the week. Seriously, Yoga is like, "Get in a deep sumo squat! Now do that deep Sumo squat on the tips of your toes! Is your butt almost touching the floor? Try and get your butt as close to the floor as possible! Now hold that pose for like the next hour and contemplate your life!" Haha, well, they don't actually yell at you, or make you hold one pose for an hour but it sure feels like it when you're holding a squat on your toes. :) Anyway, embarking on the Yoga journey has been really fun and the benefits to my back problems have been bliss! Especially since my back pain had put me out of running commission this past month and it sucked! Also, I'm glad I studied up on Yoga and started practicing on my own before I jumped into a class because they don't really go way in depth on form and proper breathing during the classes!

top: ASOS
jeans: American Eagle
boots: Hunter's via Stylish Treasures
bubble umbrella: Target
necklaces: Fifth & Mae
photos: Caroline Burke

Sooo, it had been raining pretty hard core for a couple of weeks here in Utah so I decided I'd put together a rainy day look for you all but of course now that I'm finally posting it the sky's are clearer than an infant's pimple free face. Aww well, it'll rain again eventually. Anyway, let's talk about these cute necklaces. If you couldn't tell, one of them is in the shape of Utah, which, since I wasn't actually born in any state (Made in Guatemala, baby!) I consider Utah my home state. Aaaand, funny story. I actually won these cute necklaces at Lauren's, of lovelo.com, bridal shower! I never win anything. Seriously. So I was prettsty excited when I won these! And, yeah, I mean prettsty. That wasn't a typo. Also, Lauren's bridal shower was just like the dreamiest get together EVER. Bridal shower to end all bridal showers. If you want to check it out head on over to Gentri's blog because she was the mastermind that put it together! Anyway, what would a rainy day be without purple rain boots and a bubble umbrella? Oh, and my, oh my, do I LOVE this bubble umbrella. It rocks my world. ;)

Much love!