You guys ever have one of those days when you think your hair looks ruuuuull (that's my ghet-to talk for real) good but in reality it actually looks pretty crummy? Yeah, this has been happening a lot to me lately. My huuurrs has just been lookin' ruuuuull ratchety. Also, forgive me for my ghetto talk. I have no idea where this is coming from. Also, baby hairs? They are the spawns of SATAN! I hates my baby hairs. I hates 'em. Well, I hate them at first but when I realize that without them I'd have crazy a** bald spots and a flippin' ridiculous widow's peak (thanks Dad) I realize that I actually love them. Moving on from my ratchety hair, though, guess what? Today is my parent's Twenty-FIFTH wedding anniversary!! I can't even believe they've been married that long! Their constant diligence at working on their marriage and doing all that they can to continue to love and respect each other has been an ENORMOUS example to me of what a healthy relationship and genuine love is. I think of all of the difficulties and crazy adventures they've faced during their marriage and I'm blown away that they're still just as, if not more, in love than they were at the start of their lives together. Not only that, but they've shown me that real love isn't perfect. They can both be annoying as crap at times, and they can get on each others nerves but literally two seconds later they'll let go of whatever was annoying them and be calling each other "sweety-baby-honey-boo"(not literally, but whatever the Spanish equivalent to that is) and reach for the others hand. Another thing I've learned? Kids are crucial. I can't even count the times that those two got so bugged with each other they'd go off and skulk in separate rooms of the house and my siblings and I would go to each of them to tell them why the other was upset and exactly how they should make up for it. Sigh...we were rock star kids. ;) I kid, I kid. Maybe. ;)

dress: c/o OASAP
purse: Aldo's
shoes: F21 (but borrowed from my sister)
photos: Haley Nord

This dress ma dudes. It flippin' rocks. That banana print? SO fun. That button up collar? SO cute. Also, the day I shot this look, the second I walked out the door I got a compliment on it. It's that cool and magical. Y'alls needs one. My only wish is that it was a little longer, but otherwise, I'm in LOVE. It just embodies that end of summer spirit perfectly and if you all remember, that's the vibe I was going for in these next few posts! You all seriously need to head on over to OASAP and get-churselves one! Also, these photos dudes, Haley did it again. Total sparkly goodness. If photos could be that one Edward vampire dude, these would DEF be him. That was my nonchalant way of referencing Twilight, a book that I did unfortunately read but wish I hadn't. What was my fifteen year old self thinking?? I know. The final Harry Potter book had come out that year and I was so torn up about it I was looking for a palette cleanser book rebound. Twilight was my equivalent to the scraggly bearded hipster 'I-have-nothing-in-common-with' bloke that girl's always seem to go for after a bad break up. Ya know, the one that their girlfriends kindly blotch out of their dating history under the "temporary insanity clause" and never mention again. There ya go, that was Twilight for me. Twilight is my unmentionable. Anyway, there's my pointless justification for you all! #BookNerdProblems

Much love!

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