Blah, Blah

My parents, older sister, and I have recently gotten into the odd habit of staying up late (midnight;) and watching home renovation shows on HGTV together. Super weird? Probably. ;) Even weirder evening pass time for a girl in her early twenties? Possibly. ;) But, hey, I likes ma parents. And HGTV. Seriously, that network is BOMB. The two shows we're hooked on right now are, "Flip or Flop" and "Fixer Upper". We went through an entire season of "Flip or Flop" last night and we're all depressed that we don't have anymore to watch. Another weird fact about me? I'm OBsessed with home shopping. Even when I'm not even in the market to buy a home. There's just something about looking at model homes that I love. Whenever I see signs pointing to homes for sale and/or a new neighborhood I'll follow the signs and pull over at the model home, or just grab a little flyer if it's a used home. I'm that weird. I even put up with the chatty real estate agents just so I can have the pleasure of looking around the home. That's how much I love house hunting. I mean, it's not like I'm ever going to see the real estate agents again so they'll never know I wasn't actually interested in buying the home, right? Well, except that one time...So, one time, I randomly pulled over at a new community I noticed on the way home from work, to check out the model home, and the real estate bloke that was there was probably the chattiest real estate person I've ever come across. Anyway, I see him all over the place now! I'm pretty sure he doesn't recognize me (it's weird that I recognize him) but I still get all oogedy boogedy about the fact that he might recognize me and be all, "Hey, aren't you that weird girl that came in to check out a model home claiming she was interested in buying it but never actually did?", to which I would respond, "I wouldn't have claimed I was interested in buying if you hadn't asked me so many dang questions about what my budget was and what kind of home I was looking for." Sheesh. Can't a girl house hunt for the simple pleasure of house hunting ;)

top: ASOS
skirt: h&m
purse: F21
shoes: F21
photos: Rachel Laukat

I wore this outfit to church not too long ago and I must say I love it. I love pinks mixed with cognac browns for the Fall! Not to mention that this skirt is light enough that I'm not dying of heat stroke in it. Which, quite frankly, is STELLAR because it's till pretty warm during the days! I mean, seriously, some days are still hotter than Satan's butt crack. It sucks. Especially since alls I wants ta do is wear sweaters. Pooey.

Much love!


  1. I love that flowy skirt! Seriously the cutest outfit.