Sooo, Fall is like, around the corner or something, right? ;) I know I said this week was going to be dedicated to the last of my "end of Summer" outfits but seeing as yesterday was the first of September I figured today was as good a day as any to post one of my first "Fall" looks! It's funny how grown up lipstick can make ya look! Because, um, waddya know I actually look like a fully fledged woman in these photos! Wild, right? Especially since on a day to day basis when alls I wear is a touch of blush and eyebrow filler (I've given up on eyeliner) I tend to look more like a 12 year old. Well, not 12, but certainly not 22. In fact, the other day one of my co-workers accosted me in the break room with, "WHAT?! You're twenty-TWO? I thought you were eighteen or nineteen!" Aforementioned co-worker then proceeded to attack another co-worker of ours that was also in the break room with, "This girl does not look twenty-two to you, does she? Does she?" Maybe I should wear lipstick into work sometime. Too bad I don't actually own any, and this was my sister's lipstick that I was playing around with! Also, I tried out this whole "contouring" with makeup business in these photos and I must say it turned out a lot cooler than I thought it would. I seriously thought contouring would just make it look like I had two random brown streaks on my cheeks and like I had a beard or something. Interestingly, this wasn't the case. ;) Maybe there really is something to this contouring thing.

tshirt: ASOS
jeans: abercrombie kids (forever old) similar
bag: F21
sunnies: Aldo
hat: F21
photos: Haley Nord

I was going for a 60s "French girl" look with this outfit, and might I say I think I accomplished it! Also, my armpits were also going very "French" if you catch my drift. ;) I'm so lazy when it comes to shaving. It's so bad. Oh well. Also, I'm sooo glad that berets are making a come back this Fall season because I've been buying those babies like made since like, 2010, and I was pretty bummed that they were on the outsies for a while there. Not that that stopped me from wearing them, but now I'll look a little more normal and a little less like a pretentious hipster when I wear 'em. I know I've said this like a thousand and one times...but Haley is flippin' bomb. I mean, how awesome did these photos turn out? They're like a genuine sixties flash back. Not to mention that I credit the fact that this lipstick actually looks good and doesn't make me look like a total moron, to her extreme photographing abilities. ;)

Much love!


  1. You crack me up. I love these photos and this outfit... spot.on! Thank goodness for Fall fashion!!

  2. Love this look! Especially the bag and sunnies<3 props for the conturing btw, I can never get the hang of it!