Get the London Look

I had this really weird dream the other night that I got married in a parking lot. Strangely enough, in the dream, I thought it was wicked cool. Until, a friend turned up and told me it was super lame and then dream me proceeded to get thoroughly upset. Dream me is quite the sensitive gal, no? Easily upset she is. 'Course, so is real me. ;) I finished re-reading the Harry Potter series last night. Sigh, I looooves dem books. If you couldn't tell, this outfit was heavily inspired by the Potter Man. ;) Also, is it lame that I still completely SOB when Hedwig, and Dobby die? Seriously, whenever I get to, "Here lies Dobby, a free Elf." I loose my marbles. Not even kidding. I get all, "DOBBYYYYYYYY!!! WHYYYYY?! WHYYY??? Not Dobby! Why'd ya have ta take Dobby, J.K., WHY?!". Man, I really am weird. Ah well. Also, if you couldn't tell by the weird state of my eyebrows, I am currently growing them out. I'm lettin' those babies get as fuzzy and chunky as possible. Which SHOULD mean that I'm taking more time to fill them in a lil' bettah, but, come on ;), come on ;), this is me we're talking about. Dat wadn't gonna happen. Y'alls will just have to forgive their creepy state in these photos. On the plus side, after seeing them in these photos I decided I will fill them in so they don't look quite so creepy.

tshirt: F21
sweater: bohme boutique
jeans: American Eagle
boots: F21
umbrella: Target
photos: Rachel Laukat

If you have been following along with this blog at all, then you know that I have a crazy-weird-fan-girl-status obsession with England. Don't ask me why because I couldn't really tell you. Although, admittedly two of my big reasons for being infatuated with the place are Pride&Prejudice and Harry Potter. Weird reasons, right? Anyway, when I saw this cardi at a bohme clearance sale I knew it HAD to be mine. HAD to be. Anyway, in the spirit of all things British I decided to pair it with my Big Ben London tee. Also, I figured "edgy" would be the rule of the day so I decided to top it all off with my go to AE high waisted skinnies and my biker booties. Also, whenever I wear this t-shirt all I can think of is those Revlon commercials that say, "Get the London look."

Much love!

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