Grease Monkey

Sooo, I did something cray last week.  I colored my hurrs purple. Yep. Yeppy. Yep. Yep. That happened. I did it with a clay dye that my sister bought for me, so it isn't permanent and when these photos were snapped most of it had washed out already giving it a cool purple ombre effect! I loved that the clay dye let me get a fun color without actually having to damage my hair because heavens knows going from black to pink or purple is like hair suicide. The only downside was that since the hair dye goes on as a layer over the hair follicle rather then penetrating it (to prevent damage) my hair was crispy and sticky the whole time I had it on. Which meant that my hair was crunchier than raman noodles. It's cool, though. Also, who of you thought, "not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate", when I said penetrate? If you did, then you have clearly watched Pitch Perfect and you are cool. Just kidding, I actually hated that movie (feel free to cyber punch me) but the only reason I have it pretty much memorized is because my sister's loved it and would watch it alllllls the time! Also, remember that "butt-sweat-money" story I was going to tell you all? Well, here it is. Last week when I went out for some bubble tea with Lauren, we decided we would enjoy our drinks at one of the outdoor tables, since the day was so nice and all. Anyway, turns out the day was actually pretty warm (90 flipping degrees in SEPTEMBER) so I started workin' up a sweat. About an hour and a half later we say our goodbyes and I head back into Orange Peel to order an extra bubble tea for my mum. I go to pull out ma bills from out of my back pocket, and what do I feel? Moist money! MOIST! Yep. My butt was full on sweating apparently because ma money was moister than a towelette. Anyway, as I handed the cashier my butt sweat money I got to thinking that back when I worked as a cashier at a restaurant, and I would wonder why some of the bills I got were moist (I'd actually, more specifically, think, "why are you WET?" Ya know, because of that line from The Proposal? I have way too many movies memorized...) it was because the customer had pulled it out of their sweaty butt pocket all along. Gross. But real. Let's face it. All of our butts sweat. I mean, who of you hasn't seen a lady at the gym with super tight booty shorts on that have sweat stain on the butt crack? Don't lie. You've seen it. We all have. We just decide to be nice and pretend it isn't there.

top: ASOS
sweater: F21
shorts: h&m
slip on's: Target
necklaces: F21
photos: Shailynn Photography

So, my hair looks like a total grease monkey in these photos which is so weird for me because my hair literally NEVER gets greasy because of how thick it is, but I had just come from a massage in these photos and my masseuse likes to do a scalp massage with essential oils at the end of every session. Thus, I literally had oily hair. Anyway, I know I'm totally overloading on the photos today but it's only because they rock so hard. The AMAZING Shailynn shot these for me and she is like CARAZZY good. Seriously, she is so super sweet, down for anything, and has the BEST ideas! If you need family photos captured, senior portraits, baby photos, or whatever else hit her up because she rocks! Also, my fellow blogger babes, get in touch with her! Anyway, onto some words on the outfit. First, these slide on sandals. I found them for like 5 bucks at Target and I was initially buying them to wear to my Yoga classes because they'd be easy to slide on and off, but I've pretty much been wearing them everyday with my regular clothes. I mean, what's better than a pair of slide on's? No thing but a chickaaan wing! Anyway, I love the grunge feel of a burgundy chunka chunk knit sweater with funky layered necklaces for the Fall. I mean grunge just rocks. Always. Annnnd, yeah, I'm done.

Much love!


  1. I wish my hair looked this good when it was super greasy! haha Love this look and all of your stories. :)

    1. Thanks Gentri!! That makes me feel so good, because sometimes I feel like I'm just blabbing about a bunch of weird subjects. ;)