Ice Cream & Country

I'm sorry I've been such a poopy blogger lately. I've just had so many things on my plate that I've been trying to take care of. Good news, though, I've completed and turned in my BYU transfer application! Yay! Now fingers crossed for good news in that department come the end of October! :) Also, this is the last of my posts with purple hair! It's fully washed out now! Also, the instructions were full on lying because it definitely did not only take two washes to get rid of that stuff! Try, more like a week and a half! Also, Tuesday was national Ice Cream Cone day so in honor of that Shailynn and I played around with some ice cream! Not really, we totally didn't even know national ice cream cone day was a thing when we took these! Also, I have a little secret. I think I'm starting to like country music....GASP, right?!?!?! I know, I totally thought the world had ended too. Or at the very least that hell had frozen over. But nope, world's still spinning, and hell is still as hot as ever. I know because it feels like we've been living in Satan's butt crack for the past week. Seriously, it's CARAZY hot. Anyway, this whole country music thing started at work. Country music is legit ALL anybody listens to there and at first it kinda bugged me....but thennnnnnnn I happened to hear this one song, "How Country Feels", and I actually kinda liked it. I was all like, "yeah boy, I wanna know how country feels." In a non perverted way of course, getcha minds out of the gutter. ;) Anyway, then I slowly started listening to the country station on the ride home from work as a cleanser from all of my own music that I had overplayed, and now I think I full on like a whole FIVE country songs. I know, I know, major improvement, right?! Who knows, maybe I might even go to Idaho and murry me a cowboy. ;)

sweater: h&m
boyfriend shorts: h&m
booties: Aldo's
necklace: Fith & Mae
photos: Shailynn photography

I know, I know, I totally over shared in the photo department again but I mean, Shailynn just knocked it out of flippin' park. Also, sweaters and shorts, dudes. Best part of transitioning into Fall. Also, there's nothing like a nice neutral color scheme. Oh and these shorts? I love 'em to pieces but I think I'm going to be officially retiring them furrr good. They just be way too short. Beats me how I hadn't noticed before but I'm definitely going to have to buy myself some new longer ones! Anyway, that's all I have. Eat some ice cream. Listen to country music. Marry a cowboy.

Much love!