Not to Toot my own Horn

Somedays you just gotta celebrate because even, though, peeps be givin' ya major side eye because your outfit is weird, ya hurrs look bomb and you feel sassy in your overalls and purple rain boots! Seriously, the day I shot this look with the amazing Ashley my hair was looking uncommonly good. Not to toot my horn but, beep beep. Anyway, yall know I'd been feeling like my hair had been looking real ratchety lately so the fact that it miraculously looked this good was like, all sorts of insane. I accredit this miracle to four reasons. One, my Laced Hair Extensions. They are ridiculously wicked. Like, I full on have Beyonce hair. Two, I actually gave myself a blowout the night before these photos. Mind you, not a very good one because I have like 20lbs of thick textured hair and it takes me half an hour to just blow dry ONE section. So...yeah, my at home "blowouts" are pretty sloppy and the only reason they look even half way decent is because of my Chi hair blow dryer which is like the holy grail of blow dryers and totally worth the investment. Three, after said blowout I knew the exact kind of curl I wanted to go for but wasn't sure if I really had a curling iron for it. Then, low and behold, I remembered that I had a 1" cheapo Revlon curling iron, that had served me loyally and well for many years, that I had retired last Spring for some INsane reason. I pulled it out, clipped in my extensions, curled away, and voila BOMB a** hair! I must've been seriously insane in the brain when I decided to retire that curling iron because it is AWWWesome! Sometimes cheapo curling irons are the best. Oh, and four, Ashley is a magical unicorn photographer that makes all photos look good!!

top: Old Navy
overalls: Target
hat: F21
Hunter boots: Stylish Treasures
scarf: West of Catherine
photos: Ashley Rae Photography

The weather lately has been in that fun in between stage where it's not quite Summer anymore but not quite Fall. Sometimes this can be my favorite stage because it allows us to mix our Summer pieces with some of the Fall pieces we've been dying to pull out. I love mixing shorts with long sleeves and knits like this hat and scarf! Which, word on this scarf. It is INsanely soft, INsanely cozy, and INsanely adorable, if you couldn't tell. My sister crocheted it by hand and it is just ridiculously amazing! We're in the works of opening up a shop for her to more conveniently sell these babies, but in the meantime if any of you dudes are wanting a quality chunky handmade infinity scarf for the Fall/Winter email me and I will hook you up with an invoice and you get your hands on one of these bad boys! I promise you, they will go with 'errrr thing! I already have two that I've worn the crap out of! Also, these Hunters, ma dudes. I. Am. In. Love. They rock my world. I got them from Stylish Treasures, which is an INcredible IG thrift shop run by the amazeballs Brandi! I've been following her IG thrift shop for quite some time now and totally lusting over errrr' thing she posts but never actually pulling the trigger. When I saw these boots, though, I knew they had to be mine! The color was just SO unique and fun and she had them listed for an unbeatable price! I flippin' love Hunter's and I'm still in the market for some tall shaft black ones but they might have to wait awhile. You guys should ALL check out Brandi's shop, though, she has awesome finds for awesome prices and I believe she still has some Hunter's listed! As for my family's opinion on ma Hunter's, the jury is still hung! My dad and my sister love them and think they are quirky and cute! (My dad always happens to fully support the weirdest of my shoe decisions, though;) My mom, and my little brother, though? Well, let's just say I wouldn't put it past them to sneak them away in the night, cut them into little pieces, build a bonfire from their poor purple remains, and preform an Indian Rain dance around their ashes. ;)

Much love!

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  1. LOVE this look! You have the most gorgeous hair btw!! Love it!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina