Last Minute

dress: ASOS
purse: F21
watch: Bohme Boutique
photos: Ro Photo

I totally forgot I still had these unposted photos that my best girl, Romina, had taken for me a while back! I'm actually kind of glad I had never posted them until now because now I had them for today! Honestly, if not for these awesome pawsome shots, I wouldn't have had ANYTHING to post. I didn't shoot any looks this week and if you hadn't noticed, I didn't blog for two days in a row. Surry! Anyway, I'm callin' these ma selfie photos because they make ma hurrs look bomb! Oh, and want to hear something funny? Actually, never mind. I'm savin' that story for Monday. Suffice it to say, though, that it will involve talking about butt sweat money. Mmhmm, you read that right. Butt sweat money. Anyway, any of you guys watch the season premiere of The Mindy Project? I sure did, and I was CRACKIN' up! Also, on Tuesday I got to have lunch at Orange Peel with Lauren, and boy did I have a blast! Of course with my weirdo chit chatting abilities we meandered into the subject of how to more successfully pop out some chillens. We have determined that Yoga is the way to make sure them behbees slide out like buttah on a hot roll. Does that even make sense? No? Yeah, we'll just forget I said that. Anyway, Lauren is just one of the sweetest humans I have ever met! That's something that I just love about the blogging community here, it just has such a great way of bringing people together and making genuine/sweet friends! Also, I'm preeeeetty excited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with Lo and her hubs! Well, yep, that's all I gots to say today. See yalls next week and hopefully I'll have more to post! ;)

Much love!


  1. Aw, you guys are going to do Canadian Thanksgiving together? How fun!! :) I love you and Lo, so much! I was slightly envious when she told me you guys had just had my all time favorite smoothie! haha
    You look as gorgeous as ever!

  2. The love flows right back, girl!! <3 I wish you could come celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving too!! We drank it in your honor! :)