Only Prats say Sissy

Today was a good day. I had the day off and my sister and I turned the day into a spontaneous ginormous sister date! We spent a good couple of hours lazin' about City Creek Mall, and buying a few too many things. ;) They were all things on my wishlist though, so, yeah...totally justified. We then drove over to Fashion Place Mall to look at the exact same stores all over again just to see if they had different stuff. They did. ;) Finally, we wrapped it all up by havin' some yummy lunch at CPK. It totally rocked and I am committing this day to memory! I'm normally the type of person that would like to spend days off by doing absolutely NOTHING, not even kidding, but anytime spent with my sister is time well spent. I also recently took to calling my sisters "sissies" but just the other day my older sister showed me this thing about how anybody who calls their sister "sissy" is a douche bag. So...yeah, not callin' her sissy anymore. :) Also, the other night me and my sissy, ahem, sister, watched Titanic just for the heck of it. Well, not really for the heck of it, mostly because the first and only time I had ever seen it was back when it came out in '97 and I was five. Aaaaaand according to my sister you can't qualify as a grown up until you've watched Titanic as an adult. Soooo, as of last night, I'm a grown up. At least until my sister finds another bogus reason to tell me I don't qualify yet. ;)

dress: ASOS
jacket: F21
hat: h&m
booties: F21
socks: h&m (available in stores)
photos: Ashley Rae Photo

Some days you just gotta dress like a crazy freak from the 80s and love it! You just gots to. It is a must in life. Trust me. Also, they say that consistency with style is a must when it comes to fashion blogging, but my style is just everywhere and anywhere and I'm totally fine with that. My style is exactly what it feels like being when I wake up in the mornin'. Simple as that. Somedays that's super girly and lady like and other days that means wearing my one size too big acid wash denim jacket with my biker boots and a ridic huge hat! Also, Ashley, my dudes. She did such a stellar job of capturing the exact mood I was going with with this look. She is magical. Not even joking. Plus, she is just a wicked person all around, and by wicked I mean awesome. So easy to get along with! If you're looking for a photographer for any sort of event check out her page, that I linked above, and book her! This girly is goin' places!

Much love!

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