Purple Wurple

Guys, I'm dead. I am literally dead. And if I'm not dead, then I'm certainly in the process of getting there. I am dying. Yoga has killed me.  End of story. ;) Do you all remember how at the start of Summer I mentioned that I had started practicing Yoga to help with back pain related to the car accident I was in? Well, I was just doing that on my own. Ya know, reading books about it, studying it, and following Kino's segments on YouTube. (She is a Yoga queeen and so thorough! I highly recommend looking into her books and videos!) Anyway, the other week I noticed that there was a Groupon for a month of unlimited Yoga classes at one of my mum's favorite gyms so I decided to jump on it and start "OFFICIALLY" practicing Yoga. My body has never hurt so much in my entire life. Like, seriously, all around pain. But it hurts so good. As an avid runner and former CrossFitter I thought I was in pretty great shape. Hahahahaha, not so. I was in good cardiovascular shape, but not in the kind of shape that Yoga requires. Pffft, Pffft, and I used to think Yoga was a joke. Boy, was I wrong. A well mastered Yogi could wipe the floor with my butt any day of the week. Seriously, Yoga is like, "Get in a deep sumo squat! Now do that deep Sumo squat on the tips of your toes! Is your butt almost touching the floor? Try and get your butt as close to the floor as possible! Now hold that pose for like the next hour and contemplate your life!" Haha, well, they don't actually yell at you, or make you hold one pose for an hour but it sure feels like it when you're holding a squat on your toes. :) Anyway, embarking on the Yoga journey has been really fun and the benefits to my back problems have been bliss! Especially since my back pain had put me out of running commission this past month and it sucked! Also, I'm glad I studied up on Yoga and started practicing on my own before I jumped into a class because they don't really go way in depth on form and proper breathing during the classes!

top: ASOS
jeans: American Eagle
boots: Hunter's via Stylish Treasures
bubble umbrella: Target
necklaces: Fifth & Mae
photos: Caroline Burke

Sooo, it had been raining pretty hard core for a couple of weeks here in Utah so I decided I'd put together a rainy day look for you all but of course now that I'm finally posting it the sky's are clearer than an infant's pimple free face. Aww well, it'll rain again eventually. Anyway, let's talk about these cute necklaces. If you couldn't tell, one of them is in the shape of Utah, which, since I wasn't actually born in any state (Made in Guatemala, baby!) I consider Utah my home state. Aaaand, funny story. I actually won these cute necklaces at Lauren's, of lovelo.com, bridal shower! I never win anything. Seriously. So I was prettsty excited when I won these! And, yeah, I mean prettsty. That wasn't a typo. Also, Lauren's bridal shower was just like the dreamiest get together EVER. Bridal shower to end all bridal showers. If you want to check it out head on over to Gentri's blog because she was the mastermind that put it together! Anyway, what would a rainy day be without purple rain boots and a bubble umbrella? Oh, and my, oh my, do I LOVE this bubble umbrella. It rocks my world. ;)

Much love!

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  1. Aw! What a wonderful surprise to see your fifth and mae necklaces from the shower!! You are so nice, Allexis, thank you so much for the shout out! :)

    I love this outfit, it's adorable! I also love yoga and seriously need to find myself some classes!