Some Days

Yesterday was a very, very, disappointing day. My natural reaction is to want to get angry at how certain things ended up yesterday and I'm so sorely tempted to want to shake my fist and ask, "WHY?! I followed every prompting. I felt that this was the right thing to do, and it still didn't work. WHY." I have to keep reminding myself, though, that I don't have the perfect vision of God and I can't see far enough ahead to realize why things happen the way they do and I just need to trust that they happened for a good reason. It's hard, but I need to do it. Who knew trust was such a hard thing? ;) Anyway, over the weekend I watched the General Women's Meeting for the LDS church with my mom and sister. (If you want to know more about it click here) For the past few years it's sort of been a tradition for the girls in my family to go out to dinner before we sit down and watch the broadcast and this year was no exception. We ordered our food, brought it home, stuffed our little bellies, and then snuggled up on the couch to hear the inspired messages that were shared. Below I'm sharing just one of the messages shared during the broadcast and I just have to say that it is a truly touching video and I hope that some of you sincerely watch it.

If any of you are interested in watching the rest of the broadcast please click here. Much love! P.S. If you didn't notice, I gave my little ol blog another makeover. There's still some fine tuning I want to do, but I really hope you all enjoy the new look! I'd love to hear your feedback!


  1. I know how you feel! I chose a word to focus on this year and I chose trust. Sometimes I have a really hard time trusting God with me, and the other day I was thinking about how I expected this year to be awful and full of hard things but it has been pretty good. Till like a week ago, well a month ago when my little heart got thrown for a loop... but the broadcast WAS amazing!

    1. That is such a good word to focus on! It really can be such a challenge sometimes, though, right? Cheers to accepting what is, letting go of what was, and having faith in the future! :) Thanks for your sweet comment!!