While You Were Sleeping

Haaaappy Monday, dudes! ;) This last week I was on a MAJOR movie binge. I watched, Jumanji, Titanic, Freaky Friday, While You Were Sleeping, and The Holiday. I know what you're all thinking, "that's a crap ton of movies, don't you have anything better to do?" The answer to that would be NO. As I'm still waiting to hear back if I'll be able to transfer from Westminster (finally!) to another school I really do have nothing else to do. Sad, sad. Anyway, back to the subject of moopies. I hadn't watched "While You Were Sleeping" since it came out when I was three, yes my parents let me watch rom com's with them, but watching it this time around made me realize that rom com's are waaaaaay more easy to appreciate when you're 22 versus 3. ;) I flippin' LOVED "While You Were Sleeping" this time around. It was so funny and cute, and Sandra Bullock looked like a flippin' BABE! Is it the weirdest story line EVER? Yep. It somehow works, though, and has ya sighin' left and right even, though, in the back of your mind your thinking, "Is it creepy that I think that a girl-pretending-to-be-engaged-to-a-comatose-guy-but-then-turning-around-and-falling-in-love-with-said-comatose-guy's-brother is the most romantic thing ever?" It works. I'd fall in love with my comatose pretend fiancee's brother any day. ;) (Not really, obviously.) Anyway, in case any of the rest of you have unlimited hours of free time on your hands, guesssss what's FINALLY coming to Netflix?! Gilmore Girls!!!! WAHOOO!!! Prepare yerselves to binge watch!! I know I will.

top: h&m
skirt: F21 (purchased agessss ago)
belt: h&m
hat: h&m (sold out)
photos: Ashley Rae Photo

I've been really pulling out the Fall looks lately, and loving it, but it's making me think that maybe I should slow down a little bit and still incorporate some of my Summer pieces before it's too late and I regret it.  Either way, I'd been DYING over this h&m hat for THEEEE longest time, and just never pulled the trigger on it. It was only available online and even though I wanted it soooooo badly I just didn't want to pay shipping for it. Cheap? Maybe. But I just don't think it's worth it to pay shipping for ONE hat. Anyway, at the beginning of the month I went into h&m to buy my dad a birthday present, and what do I see? This hat lying on top of a shelf of scarves. It was literally like a light was shining down on it from above and beckoning me forward. I couldn't believe my luck at randomly finding it in stores so I rushed forward to snatch it up before anyone else could. I may or may not have shoved some disgruntled employees out of my way to get to it but, hey, we alls know h&m employees are a bunch of biznatches (most of 'em, anyway) so I have no regrets. ;) Also, I bought this skirt two or three years ago and it's seriously been one of my best purchases ever. Especially since it only cost me 9 buckeroos. Unfortunately, I've never been able to find one like it again so I'll just link some similar pretty options down below. Also, maxi skirts, dudes. They're another all season staple. Just because Summer is over doesn't mean you have to put away your maxi's. There's soooo many ways to make them still work. My favorite is pairing them with chunky sweaters! Also, Ashley did it again! I love, love, love, how these photos turned out! We were just driving around Provo when she spotted these lavender bushes and was like, "pull over, we have to shoot by those!" I'm glad we did because they turned out super cool!

Much love!

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  1. SO so cute, Allexis! I love it all, and i've totally pushed people out of the way to grab items like your hat, before. ;) And those movies... now I want to watch them all! I actually watched jumanji not too long ago, so I might skip that one, but the rest? Yes, I need a movie day.