Tis Fall young lads, tis Fall! The leaves are yeller and the air is crisp! And now I'm done trying to type like an old English hobo! ;) You know what else is going on today? The Anberlin concert!!! AHHHHH!!! I'm SO excited! SO! Also, I think I need a vacation. I'm starting to get a little "freak-outy" and that's usually an indication that I need a nice break. A pause on life, if you will. Too bad life doesn't actually pause. Anyway, I'm also thinking it'd be a good idea if I could just magically plop down a cabin right smack in the middle of these mountains. That would be pretty great. Also, I know I've been boring as crap lately so my apologies. That's what happens when I'm a good blogger and I actually blog five days a week like I should, I run out of things to say. I know, I know, poopoo for me.

sweater: h&m
jeans: American Eagle
booties: F21
hat: h&m
purse: F21
photos: Roxana

You know what color I love this Fall? Yellow. I love yellow. Which, for me is huge because I NEVER used to wear yellow. NEVER. Mostly because I used to be yellower than a banana. No joke. Before I became a runner I used to be really pale. Not in the cute "pale-vampire" kind of way either but in the pale like a yellow crayon kind of way. So I never used to wear yellow. In fact, I thought that I COULDN'T wear yellow because of how yellow I was. Buuuuut then I spent loads of time in the sun, running, got super crazy tan, stopped looking so yellow, and I decided that what the heck, if I want to wear yellow than I can gosh dang wear yellow! So I did. Aaaand I love it. So that's that. Anyway, in the spirit of Fall, today's outfit was all about Fall staples: leather booties, wine colored hat, yellow over sized sweater, and faded black denim!

Much love!

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