Provo Fashion Week

Hey, guys! Today's post is totally just going to be a quicky! Does that sound gross? I don't know...
Half the things I say in life are apparently inappropriate so I'm never sure. Anyway, I just wanted to let all of you lovely Utah followers in on a fun little event that will be going down in about a week or so down in Provo! Drum roll please.... Provo Fashion Week – Utah’s first ever established runway event featuring local independent designers, is going to be happening on October 10th & 11th!! How exciting, right?! There are going to be some seriously incredible designs and it's just going to be a fun event all around! If you're interested in buying tickets or just want to know more in general be sure to stop by their site, here! Aaaaalso, I'm going to be there...so that just makes it instantly cooler...(;

Much love!

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