How to Wear Printed Leggings with AERIE

Look 1//Meeting Up With Friends

jacket: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom
top: F21
leggings: c/o aerie
shoes: American Eagle
beanie: American Eagle
photos: Shailynn

I'm so, so, so excited for today's post! Aerie recently sent me a pair of their new printed leggings to style and since printed leggings are so huge this season I decided I'd show you guys three different ways to style them! For my first look I wanted to go for something a little "dressed up casual". Or in other words, something you could wear to meet up with friends and get into nightly shenanigans like we youngins like to do. ;) The key to this look was keeping the leggings fun without looking like I was just too lazy to put on pants. Nothing says "put-together-cool" like a biker jacket so I knew I wanted to go with my Betsey Johnson moto jacket. To keep the leather from being too intense with the pattern of the leggings I added a little neutral texture with my denim top and finished off the look with some fun pops of color with my hot pink beanie and gold sneaks!

Look 2//Running Late & Errand Day

sweater: c/o OASAP
leggings: c/o aerie
crossbody bag: F21
shoes: American Eagle
readers: Aldo

We all have those days when it seems like we have a hug laundry list of errands to run and not enough time to do them. It's for those days that leggings are perfect! They're so easy to just throw on, look cute, and be comfy. Especially these aerie leggings, the pattern makes them a cute "no fuss" closet item and they're super duper stretchy! Not to mention that all you have to do to complete a lazy day look with these babies is throw on a cozy sweater and you're ready to be out the door because that fun pattern will do all the work! Now, the key to this look was keeping everything simple. Understated stacked rings, simple cross body bag, messy braid, and a pair of cute reader glasses because, um, we all know fake glasses are a requirement for a cute lazy day look! ;)

Look 3//Yoga Class

shawl: F21
henley: abercrombie (super old)
leggings: c/o aerie
photos: Shailynn

For my last look I decided to do a styled Yoga look, because that's sort of what leggings were made for in the first place right? This was probably the most fun of the looks to shoot just because doing some the yoga poses I've been working on was such a blast! It's also such a help to see the photos and see how I need to work on pointing my toes more and fully extending on my shoulder stand! Yoga is all about years long practice, though, so with work I will get there! Anyway, for this look I wanted to keep it soft and layered so I went for this soft pink henley tee that I've had for ages and this light as a feather shawl thingy! Also, I have to say practicing Yoga in these leggings was such a breeze! They allowed me to really move and weren't restrictive in anyway! I highly suggest you all get yourselves a pair especially since aerie is having a BOGO for $10 sale right now! I hope you enjoyed the three different looks! Hopefully it gives you a little inspiration on how to style printed leggings and a big thank you to aerie for sponsoring this post!

Much love!


  1. Love your style, it's so adorable! I have a question for you.. How do you get the rotating clothing items gadget at the bottom of your posts. I have literally been trying to figure this out for months! Any help would really be appreciated!


    1. Thanks Kelsey! It's a widget through Reward Style!