I'm a Little Weirdo

So, today I'm going to share a thought that I had this morning that will thoroughly convince you all of my oddness. I was on my run, getting pumped, enjoying this PERFECT Fall weather, loving the burning sensation in my lungs and legs and yet totally hating that I'm pretty much a suck butt runner now due to my back pain from the car accident I was in at the beginning of Summer, when I passed a farm-ish area complete with horses. And you all know what comes along with horses. Poop. Horse poop. That's what comes along with horses. And you know what comes along with horse poop? Stink. Now here comes the funny part. As I took a deep inhale of horse poop stench my initial thought was, "Ugh. Yeck." BUT, then I told myself, "No, Brain, you can't think that. Horse poop smell is the smell of nature. It's freshness. Breath it in. Enjoy it." Freaky right? I tried to CONVINCE myself that horse poop smell is a good smell. I tried to convince myself to like it. See, I told ya I was weird. ;) Also, I have a Gilmore Girls induced headache. I. Must. Stop. It's too hard, though, Rory and Dean (MmmmMmmm, Dean;) are deeply in love and Jess has just showed up to screw it all up. It's very intense. Very.

sweater: h&m
skirt: c/o Chic Wish
necklace: F21
photos: Roxana B

I think I've already mentioned, oh, about a thousand times, my love for maxi's in the Fall! For this look I was goin' for a more boho vibe so instead of wearing my maxi at my waist I wore it on my hips to give it a longer more casual feel. I also paired it with this yellow sweater which has now become my favorite sweater EVER! Seriously, I've been wearing it almost everyday! You all need a yellow sweater in your lives! I'll link some cute options down below! Also, blue and yellow is such a fun combo for Fall! It's unexpected and fun! Also, I'm in LOVE with these photos by Roxana! Seriously, she is amazing and you all need to book her for photos! Not to mention she has the cutest baby boy who I was making goofy faces at almost the entire time we were shooting so I'm very surprised that we managed to get any good photos!

Much love!


  1. haha I love this post! I am such a weirdo too :) oh and Im right there with you when it comes to Gilmore Girls! Thats what Im going to do as soon as my fingers stop typing haha

    1. Weirdo solidarity, sister! ;) Whoop Whoop Gilmore Girls!! Keep on watching! ;)