I saw the grossest thing at work the other day. I don't even know why I'm sharing it with you guys because it was seriously disgusting. But, eh, I've never been one to be discreet on here so here goes. I was just being a good little ol' worker mindin' my own business when in walks this customer with a limp. I noticed he had an arm behind his back so I thought there might have been something wrong with his arm too. BUT, as he walked away I got a glance at his backside and his limp was being caused by a very thorough butt scratching!!! So foul, right?! I bet you all hate me now for sharing that lovely little gem! In other news, my yoga subscription ends next Tuesday and I'm thoroughly depressed! Boo! Also, I love old people. I really, really do. If it were solely up to me and not a little bit creepy all my best friends would be old people. They're just so dang nice, and equally as deaf, clueless, and slow moving as I am. ;)

tulle skirt: Space 46 Boutique
denim top: F21
plaid top: F21
booties: Aldo's
photos: Raquel

I love, love, love, mixing textures and one of my favorite ways of doing that is by mixing denim with plaid! It's understated yet fun! If you're wanting to experiment with mixing textures this is definitely a mix to start you off with! It's also fun to do it with the plaid over the denim. I had also been dying to do another post with this lovely tulle skirt because I haven't worn it nearly enough!

Much love!

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