Pumped up Kicks

Oh la, another week has started again and here I am at 12:00am typing up my blog post because as per usual I got lazy and waited until now to type it up. One of these days I'm going to get back in the habit of going to bed at a decent hour. I used to be so good at that. Then Netflix happened. At least the weekend was good! I went to the Anberlin concert and it was AMAZING! I jumped. I screamed. I wooed. I sang. I got moshed. Oh, and let's not forget the part where I left the concert smelling of other people's sweat. That was the highlight. ;) Sigh, I really do love concerts, though. Nothing beats being young and going to rock concerts with people you love! I also had the fab opportunity of going to the Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trends event on Saturday morning! I'll give you full details on that later, but I will mention that I got my eyebrows done and it's like I got a whole new face! ;) In other riveting news, I started watching Manhattan Love Story (per recommendation of Lauren) and it ROCKS! Did any of you ever watch Greek? Because Evan, from Greek, is one of the titular characters and he is just as much of a hunk-a-hunk as he was when he was on Greek! Except for his flesh colored beard. That has got to go. I also found out that my sister had started watching the series without me! Little traitor. ;) Anyway, you all should watch it. STAT.

denim jacket: h&m
sweatshirt: h&m
skirt: Express
shoes: American Eagle
photos: Shailynn

My favorite thing about Fall is all the layering. I love being able to wear a sweatshirt AND a denim jacket! Plus, sequins season has begun! I love it! I'm thinking it's time to get myself sequined pants and a sequined dress! A girl can't say she's truly lived until she's owned sequined pants! ;) Also, I'm in LOVE with these sparkly gold slip ons from American Eagle! They're UBER comfy, and SUPER chic while still being relaxed. Best combo ever! Anyway, it's 12:21 now and I want to go to bed now sooooo....yeah.

Much love!

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