Sandy Bullock

Dudes, my life has been taken over by Gilmore Girls. Not really, but almost. ;) Also, the view from where I sit has been rather gray, lately. Mostly due to just a handful of things not really going the way I had hoped. Oh well, though, that's life. Sometimes we've just got to be cut down a few times before we get the picture and start to grow the way the Lord would have us grow. Sorry to get all spiritual on you guys, but it was on my mind. Anyway, life's a mystery I s'pose. Also, I'm pretty excited that hot chocolate season is upon us because I'm pretty excited to start guzzling cups of white hot chocolate! It's my favorite! Also, pumpkin pie, you guys!!!!!!!!!!! I want to eat a slice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from now until Christmas! Aaaaand!!! This Friday Anberlin will be in town for their farewell tour and I'm probably about a minute away from dying of excitement!! I'm mentally preparing for the insanity that will be that concert, though, so that I'm fully prepared to be moshed into oblivion!

sweater: c/o OASAP
jeans: c/o She Inside
readers: Aldo
photos: Shailynn

You see this lovely little sweater? This lovely little sweater has been worn about a thousand times since it's arrival. I am obsessed with it that much. I'm just so in love with it's adorable pastel purple color and that deep v in the back! It's my favorite and I've seriously gotten a compliment on it every single time I've worn it! I think that's a sure sign that you all need one too because that obviously means it's imbued with magical properties that make it's wearer look like she's been hit over the head with a pretty stick! ;) Also, what goes better with a chunky sweater than 90s acid wash distressed jeans? Nothin' I tell ya! It's the perfect Sandra Bullock "While You Were Sleeping" combo!

Much love!

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