Ma stomach hurts, and I wish I had some nice Belgian waffles and frites to make it feel better. Also, some nice Belgian waffles and frites would accompany tonight's episode of "Manhattan Love Story" nicely. Why isn't there a waffle shop anywhere near my house? Life is cruel. Speaking of cruel, wanna know what else is cruel? There's a snowstorm in the forecast for Sunday!!!!!!!!! SNOW!!! And those aren't exclamation points of happiness. I am not looking forward to being cold. I am looking forward to mugs and mugs of white hot chocolate, though! Pros and cons, guys, pros and cons.

trousers: Banana Republic
tshirt: ASOS
hat: c/o Chic Wish
necklace: F21
photos: Ro Photography

Guys, I love trousers. They're so sassy and chic and you guys know how I feel about anything that's sassy. I LOOOOOVE it! Aaand, that's pretty much all I have to say now. I know, I'm more boring than, than, ....stuff that's...boring. And that's how boring I am, I couldn't even think of a funny quip to end that sentence with. Anyway, yeah.

Much love!

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