Bom Diggidy

Guys, I'm a cartoon girl at heart. I'd rather watch a good cartoon over other types of tv shows any day. Especially Avatar: The Last Airbender. That show is the realest. The day they took it off of Netflix was the worst day of my young life. Not really, but close. ;) Also, have any of you heard of the movie, "Begin Again"? It's got Keira Knightly, Mark Ruffalo, and Adam Levine in it and it was flippin AWWWesome!! Also, the soundtrack? It's the bom diggidy! (I know, I know, no one says bomdiggidy anymore. Sue me.;) Seriously, it's like Adam Levine from "Songs About Jane" again, ya know, before he got all annoying and weird. ;) Also, I just have to throw this out there because it's been on my mind a lot the last couple of months, I'm REALLY feelin' being 22! It's been a really snazzy age. Also, is it just me or is getting in the shower SUPER hard? I don't mean logistically, I mean like getting yourself to stop being too lazy to do it. I feel like this happens to me ALL the time. I get too comfy doing whatever I'm doing and I have to FORCE myself to get in. Course, once I'm in the shower I never want to get out. It's too dang relaxing in there. I guess it's kind of like sleeping. No one ever wants to go to bed but once they're in there they never want to wake up and get out.

sweater: c/o SheInside
dress: (worn as skirt) Bohme Boutique similar
necklace: c/o Sage Boutique
bag: c/o Sage Boutique
hat: JMR
booties: F21
photos: LC Photography

Guys, I'm in love with this fuzzy sweater from She Inside! It's seriously THE softest thing I've ever worn! I feel like a fluffy little polar bear when I wear it! It's the best! I've dubbed it the Fuzz Monster. You all need one. Not even kidding, you will put it on and feel like you're wearing pillows and clouds, puppies and babies. Ok, maybe that last combo is a little creepy, but my point is you will love it. I also LOVE pairing baggy sweaters over dresses! It's such a great way to re-fashion a dress and give it more life! Not to mention it's like the ultimate "relaxed-adorable-girl-next-door-I-just-threw-this-on" outfit! Now let's talk about that AMAZEballs bag and adorable necklace! I got them at a new boutique that just opened in SugarHouse called, Sage Boutique! Guys, their stuff is SO adorable, I had such a hard time picking out just a few things! The moment I saw this bag, though, I knew it had to come home with me! The color is just so dang pretty and it'll be so fun to style come Winter because it'll stand out so much! All of you Utah local readers NEED to stop by and check them out, they're located at 1950 S 1100 E SLC, UT 84106!

Much love!

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