Common Denominator

Guys, I totally wrecked my legs the other day at the gym. I had the brilliant idea of going alone (if you know me, that's never a good idea). I had just had an HPV shot -which, ladies, if you've had one then you already know that those things hurt like a mother trucker aaaaand they come in a series of FOUR so you can't just get one and be done with it!- so my arm was all sorts of sore and achey. For that reason I decided I'd just do legs. So, I start my workout feelin' pretty good, then I think "Eh, it doesn't really feel like I'm doing much. I'll just do a little more. And a little more. Aaaaand a little more." I didn't stop doing "a little more" of the insane exercises I come up with until I realized I still had to book it to the chiropractor. Long story short, that night I started feeling it a little bit so I thought, "Meh, I guess I did work out sort of hard." BUT then, the next morning, I wake up thinking, "OH MUH GOSH. I've died. I'm dead. My legs don't work anymore! I'm PARALYZED! I've ruined my legs. They're broken. I broke them!" Ok, ok, so I'm exaggerating a little bit. I'm not quite that dramatic but you get the point, my legs were CRAZY sore. Mind you, as a runner I'm pretty accustomed to the "mild" soreness you get from long runs or speed runs BUT I haven't cross trained in months because I was allowing my back to heal so I completely forgot what it felt like to be genuinely SORE. Why do people work out again? ;) Anyway, moral of the story, don't work out alone! Bring somebody along with you that can tell you, "Hey maniac, we've done enough. Let's go." :)

sweater: c/o OASAP
skirt: c/o ChicWish
boots: F21
photos: Raquel

I was so super excited to post this look because of that cute Christmas tree in the background! Plus, for those of you gals that go to church on Sundays, this is your go to ensemble right hurrr! Sweater, maxi, boots. You won't feel a lick of that nasty cold and you'll still look uber cute while still being toasty! Plus, no shaving required! Which pretty much means you can start growing some fur on your legs for extra warmth and no one will be the wiser! ;) Now, personally, this is more of a week day outfit for me and not a church outfit. Why, you ask? Because I have absolutely no scruples when it comes to wearing dresses sans tights along with five inch heels in the winter! Cold, schmold. There is nothing in this world that could stop me from pulling out ALL the stops when it comes to dressing up for church on Sundays. *CULTURE LESSON* This is a common denominator amongst most Latina women. If you've ever been to a Spanish ward, you know what I'm talking about. Latinas dress up for church like we're going to the Miss Universe pageant. We pull out our best dress, tallest heels, cutest accessories, do our hair up nice and pretty, and make sure our make-up is on point! That's just how we do. ;) Anyway, if I don't pop in tomorrow to announce some Black Friday deals then I'll say happy thanksgiving now. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Much love!